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I have been wondering about this for a while now, and I am hoping that someone could help me with it. I love the idea of the bull centaurs and have been wondering how to convert a unit. After looking through the boards, I think the best route would be to simply use the bottoms from the original models (because there are no other models that really have the right scale) and convert the top halves. But, ever since GW rearranged the bitz catalog, the only way to get the original models seems to be to buy it of ebay or some other auction site.

But after watching Xander’s video and reading through Ishkur’s Army Thread I think it would be possible to make a green stuff/resin/silicone mold out of both pieces of the bottom. At this moment I own a metal Bull Centaur model, but I am kind of scared that if I tried, I would somehow ruin the model and be back at square one, minus 10 bucks worth of vintage miniature and a bunch of expensive mold making materials.

So, what I need to know before I start is whether anyone thinks this would work, whether this would ruin the Bull Centaur and finally, if I do decide to do a green stuff mold, would it work with Miliput? (I don’t know much about Miliput, but I have heard it is much cheaper than Green Stuff.)



Assuming you won’t be selling these (as per forum rules), there are several things I could suggest about mould making generally.

If you are planning to make them out of resin, I’m not sure how well that would work with a GS mould.  I tried doing this and the resin stuck like concrete to the GS (even after a hefty dose of lubricant/ mould release).

I’d stick to using a silicone rubber mould, you can find several links to suppliers and tutorials in the stickies here.

It has the added benefit of course that with the right type of rubber you can cast them in metal OR resin.

I wouldn’t use milliput for the model myself, but then I haven’t tried that before.


I am in the process of sculpting 3 torsos for my Blunderbussers. Once the greens are complete I am going to make a series of videos for making molds and casting the parts. This is my plan anyway. I just moved to a new city and have been settling in, buying furniture, and well, … buying all sorts of craziness. I am finally at a point where I have some free time after work, so before long I might have some videos up.

As for your particular situation, I can only say I have only ever made 1-part GS molds, and I don’t think 2 part GS molds would work very well. After the success of my Hobgoblin molds and casts, I feel I have found a very cheap mold making and casting kit. I will detail everything in my videos, I should think.

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Okay, there is a link with all of this kind of information here. It’s always best to have a quick search for topics before starting a new one. So, have a read through that and if anybody has extra comments or questions, please post there. Thread locked.