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I am hoping some one can help me out with some good advice on how to create some great looking snow bases or point me in the direction of a good product to use :slight_smile:

Many Thanks


for my vostroyans, i used vallejo acrylic paste “grey pumice”, painted it with codex grey and then brushed with astronomican grey… looks great imo and is very easy to do… i’ll see if i can upload some pics tonight

Pyro Stick:



Thanks for the liks and the advice on this guys its been a great help :smiley:


I use the same method as Ninjabread but I havent known it fail yet to make awesome looking snow bases

There are several methods for making snow. Here is my method, which are steps taken from other people�?Ts ideas mixed with my own experiments. I use bicarbonate of soda as my �?~snow�?T because it has a nice glistening quality similar in appearance to real snow. You don�?Tt to get this from the GW snow scatter.

What you will need


1. Baking Soda

2. Pollycell �?~No Sanding Pollyfila�?T

3. PVA Glue


1. Something to mix the stuff in

2. Something to mix with

3. Something to apply the mix with

Step 1

Mix some PVA and baking soda. The mix is about 50/50 in quantity. You will need to add water until the mix becomes �?~gloopy�?T.

NOTE - The mix needs to be watered down prior to adding the pollyfilla. If you don�?Tt the entire mix will be ruined as it turns into a big blob of rubbery type material.

Step 2

Add pollyfilla until the mix becomes a soft paste. It should be slightly wet. I normally find the volume of pollyfilla required is double what is already in the mixing pot, but it can vary depending on how much water has been added already.

Step 3

Apply mix to base or scenary as required. It is possible to form drifts with this mix.

Step 4

Cover snow with more bicarbonate of soda. Leave for around 5 minutes and then light tap of excess. Place figure to one side to thoroughly dry over night. Once completely dry further excess can be shaken off. I also use a dry brush to dust off any bicarbonate that has got stuck in awkward places.

Step 5

Varnish the model. This will secure any loose bicarb in place. Here is a objective marker that has been varnished with dull coat spray.

A word of warning. This method does not allow things to be glued on top of it. If you glue figures onto this mix once it is dried, it weakens the mix and the figure will come off with a big clump of snow attached to the base. To get figures standing on hard snow I would recommend glueing them to the base with spacers under their feet to allow the snow to be level with the bottom of the foot.

Games Workshop (the people who have all your money)

Also Games Workshop Stores


I use railroad modelling snow.

1. Apply a thin layer of PVA glue on the entire base, dip in snow mix

2. Apply a few thicker lines of PVA glue

3. Cover the toroughly with the snow, but not enough to ruin the shape you created with the glue.

4. Let the glue set, since it’s covered with snow this takes a little longer!

5. Put the miniature you wish to base with snow on the base before the glue sets, this way you can exactly point out where he should be after the glue is set, since he leaves an imprint ^^

Hope this helps!


wow thanks guys i am going to have loads of differnt ways to try out and experiment with :smiley: