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Hello i’m new here, and I would very much like to start CD out BFSP dwarf’s, but right now I am not allowed to buy any thing so i was woundering if someone would trade BFSP dwarf’s for comission’s I paint pretty well here are some of my previous model’s.

yes i know they are all SM but I also have a 1,500 dwarf army.

So I take it that no one is going to help me?:frowning:

Hashut’s Blessing:

First things first: Welcome to the website. I hope you enjoy it! Unfortuantely, I don’t have any for myself, let alone to trade with another. However, I’m sure that in time, you shall get what you want. Try posting some pictures of the aforementioed dwarves or even convert THOSE into CD. Your paitning is very good quality and it looks like you’ve used NMM, which is cool.

Also, there was not much activity in the time between your posts. Be patient and don’t forget to use the edit button in future. We dislike double-posting here.


Country you are located would be good too. Have you tried Bartertown?? To be honest, I wouldn’t send any army/figs to a minor with no references though. Its going to be a tough sell for you.


If you want to go into commission work then you have to have pristine photographs and while your painting looks good the photos still need to be great. It’s a tough market the 'olde commission work and the best way to do it is to develope contacts and references over a long period of time.

It would be advisable to show a wide range of figures you’ve painted so as to avoid people thinking that you’re a on-trick-wonder (which is by no means what I’m insinuating), especially given that if someone was to avail of your services on this site they would more than likely be looking for you to paint Chaos Dwarfs.