[Archive] Heresy Era Salamander Legion


Hello! It’s been a while since I last posted on the forum, I think close to a year, so I thought I’d show off what I’ve been up to.

Basically, I got swept up in the Horus Heresy bandwagon and have been slowly assembling a Salamander Legion force.

I started with some RTB01 marines and a Deimos Predator

More of the predator on my blog here

Next I added a squad of Tartaros Termies - I picked these up at the Forge World Open Day last year

You can see more pics and read about them on my blog.

Some of my other units -

Forge Lord

Heavy Support Squad with Autocannons

Fire Drake Terminators

I’ll update this thread as I add more units. I’m sorry I have relapsed into Astartes, I promise I will get around to something Chaos Dwarf before long!


They look great. I’m a big fan of pre heresy armies. This is the fist salamanders one I’ve seen.