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Hi guys, I started new a threat as my previous one was in of topic gallery (http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=15223&page=1).

So here is my Chaos Dwarf General riding Great Taurus:

Herohammer: A Tale of Seven Gamers Q1 Completed




Looks ace, well done!


simply awesome!

BTW it always bothered me that the saddle has no mounting points (like chains, belts…) on the taurus body…


Nice work, love the basing and pose. :wink:

Uther the unhinged:

Lovely Taurus. Nice paintjob too. I love the red effect on the base.

@Babis: I always assumed the saddle was riveted on. Hence the angry bull.


Ha lovely paint job on a beauty of a classic.

I’m getting a bit old so when I clicked a topic called HeroHammer I thought we were talking about warhammer 5th edition d:

Ah I see your blog states just that, 4th and 5th ed models only. Nice (:


Wow! Excellent work on the horns and eyes! The basing is really well done, too. Can we expect more chaotic goodness to come?


Thanks guys,

As you can find on the blog, I’m currently taking part in A Tale of Seven Gamers painting challenge. Each of us declared to collect and paint a 2000 points, 5 edition army, in a year of time and play it on Oldhammer Weekend Poland 2019 event :slight_smile:

So you can expect more Big Hat Chaos Dwarfs to come :slight_smile:



A Tale of Seven Gamers Q2 declaration:

Herohammer: A Tale of Seven Gamers Q2


Hi there,

More and more units are joining my Chaos Dwarf army. More pics as always at:



Aaaaah, very nice, looking great! Looking forward to your whole army, it will be mighty.


Oh, sweat! Both of them looks great… :slight_smile:


Lovely work!

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Uther the unhinged:

Really lovely paint job. I do like the blue tongue.


That is some great painting there. I especially like the “glow” around the eyes of the taurus.

Reaver of Uzkulak :

Great to see such life breathed into a classic. A panoply of small touches that make this look phenomenal! :hat off


Thanks guys!

I have finished the whole army:

more pics at:



That’s glorious, Guter! Fantastic army. :slight_smile:


Very, very nice. I do like it a lot.

But I will be contacting the moderators as I dislike the use of the “F…” word

… finished …:



Epic army, so far… But Im struggling with the word “finished” as well. Truly this must just be naive bearding talk?


Finished means completed 2000 pts army for 5th edition WFB and fielded them on the event as planned. I still have a big pile of lead in my collection, but for now, the project is closed. Now I’m looking for a new army to collect and paint :slight_smile: