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HeroQuest 25th Anniversary Kickstarter Campaign Here

The latest news is that the main box set (presumably this will be the main contents without stretch goals added in, etc) will contain 8 Heroes, with male and female variants for the Barbarian/Dwarf/Elf/Wizard.

There may be some literal translation issues from Spanish to English below:


Box contents:

-1 BOARD �?" ALFA Model

Reversible, with two usable sides, Side A the Classic Dungeons. Side B Exterior Ruins and Places


With Fundamental rules inside the hollows of the scenery, just as if they where reliefs in stone.


Two movement dice and 6 combat dice (25th Model)




Barbarian, Dwarf, Mage, female Wizard, Huntress, Elf, Dwarf, Female Dwarf, and Female Elf


10 Artifacts

30 Treasures

16 Equipment

6 Ignis Spells

6 Aqua Spells

6 Aer Spells

6 Terra Spells

6 Chaos Spells



1 Barbarian

1 Dwarf

1 Mage

1 Elf

1 Huntress

1 Female Dwarf

1 Wizard

1 Female Elf


2 Mummies

4 Zombies

4 Skeleton Warriors

6 Goblins

8 Orcs

4 Chaos Warriors

3 Drrakks

1 Petrified Gargoyle

1 Gargoyle

1 Chaos Witch

1 Wraith

1 Ogre

1 Black Orc

1 Viscosity of the Abyss


18 doors

4 Treasure chests

4 doors (Nicodemus’ note: presumably these are ‘closed’ doors?)

1 Throne

3 wardrobes

1 Armory

1 torture Rack

1 chimney

1 sarcophagus

1 well

1 Pendulum of death

8 false treasures

1 dimensional portal

-35 resin MARKERS




I just j*zzed in my pants. For real.



That’ll have to come right out of the kids milkmoney - sorry kids.

Hero Quest is one of the few games to be translated to danish. My dad had I game. Heroquest is the reason I’m in to wargaming and roleplaying.

Me, my friends and my brother off cause ended up trashing my dads game completely.

But then a couple of years ago I found a comple box, danish rules and all, not a single charactersheed used. I bought it right away.

Man I’m curious about this 25th years edition. Perhaps if we throw enough money after it - it’ll have expansions.

And new fimir models!


Man I'm curious about this 25th years edition. Perhaps if we throw enough money after it - it'll have expansions.

And new fimir models!

Yes, the kids will be without shoes here either! HQ was my intro to the hobby as well... back before the days of the Internet, etc. I'm from a relatively small Island and I'd never heard of Warhammer or miniature gaming, and there were no hobby shops for such things except on the mainland. I thought I was so original when I had the thought to learn how to prime and paint my HQ minis! I still have 'em a few meters away right now, actually!

Anyway, apparently an Indiegogo campaign would link expansions to the stretch goals. Rumor has it no new Fimir, but there will be a reptilian-type replacement.



LOVEIT! My intro to the hobby as well, played it in Norwegian :slight_smile: I am playing a campain at the moment, using all the old expansions.

But Gamezone miniatures? hmm, we will just have to see. Hope they dont screw the 25th anniversary one up!


Oooh I have the original and the expansion, plus the new 25 year edition. It’s the snare that drug me under wargaminng


It all started with Heroquest for me too.

I still have the box, but may models have been assimilated…

I’ll keep an eye out on this release.





I’m looking forward to how this pans out. Heroquest was my first introduction to miniature gaming too. I was planning on making a basic set next year when I got the Reaper kickstarter miniatures, but if this is good then I won’t have to.


Updates added to the first post!  Zing!!

I’m not crazy about the feline look of the Dwarf male, but hey, if that’s the artistic direction they have chosen to take, fair enough. Maybe it’s unintentional.

Looking at the contents I’m prepared to double-down right now! It’s looking tight!



I love boardgames with lots of pieces and that game is gonna be packed. I’ve backed a lot of PC games on kickstarter, but never for more than the actual game.

If this HeroQuest has some expansions, extra stuff, characters, monsters, whatever for high backers - they properly get all my money.

I really like their blog. That text from “Mentor” was great.

Just remembered… I think I have two of the old HeroQuest dwarfs. I’ll have to convert on of them for my CD army.


It’s live!!



And backed - the whole deal. Gotta have it. Will also give a couple of mordheim teams i guess.


Took the highest level pledge… HQ is one of those games that brought me into the hobby. Another game that brought me into the hobby was Battle Masters :slight_smile:

My son is 5 months now … I can’t wait to play these kinds of boardgames with him.

I’m hoping they do some expansions to the basic game, but looking from a commercial point of view, I think they’ll make a new kickstartcampaign for it… what do you guys think?


I like Heroquest, but this seems different enough that I would be happier with just the furniture, except that the furniture is the biggest price. I think I will stick with my print and play version I had planned.


Looks like GW have set the lawyers loose - just gone to check how the Kickstarter is doing and it’s come up saying its unavailable due to ‘an intellectual property dispute’ :expressionless:

Time of Madness:

Does anyone know why it was in Canadian dollars? And not USA or Euro’s?

Time of Madness


There was something about that in the FAQ before it was taken down - think they said it was because they were distributing via Canada or something similar.


Kickstarter has some weird rules. So the project was funded through Canada.

I am going to be really pissed at GW if stoppong the project is their doing.


If it is GW’s doing, I hope its because they’re releasing their own anniversary edition next year rather than them trying to assert their dominance over the wargames market.

Sure it’ll be overpriced, but it’s better than nothing. :confused:


It’s either Milton Bradley or Games Workshop, and although exercision of their IP over this may be baseless because Gameszone Miniatures legally holds the HeroQuest copyright in Spain, they can certainly hold up the campaign until well past the Kickstarter deadline as well as into 2014 and beyond. This would mean HQ could well miss its 25th anniversary, and all due to the same nonsense that resulted in 20 years of zero progress in bringing HeroQuest back to the market in the first place.