[Archive] Hexagonal dowel or machining?

Ugly Green Trog:

Hi guys

Does anyone know of a firm that can either supply hexagonal dowel to use as hafts of Bull Centaur great weapons? I need something about 4mm in thickness ideally. either that or is there a firm that can machine dowel into the required shape? I know its kinda anal but I want my Bull Centaur weapons to look as master crafted as the rest of my army.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, also any ideas for the weapon heds themselves would be great :slight_smile:


Could you just file down a circular one?


“Hexagon styrene” + Google and voila.

Raboesch Super Styrene Hexagonal Profile 330mm

Plastruct Hexagon Rod .060x10 (10) #90874


I filed down a round one to 8 sides.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  Getting a uniform thickness and avoid it twisting anywhere is quite tricky.

For the great weapon I’m using the current large blade as the back blade by cutting off the small back spike and turning it round. Then just carve a large version of it for the other side.

Ugly Green Trog:

I was just gonna use some of the existing axeheads in a sort of 100 years war foot-knight kinda style long hafted axe, but I may have a go at carving a slightly larger version.

@ Snowblizz you are a life saver that site looks awesome (I needed to some 2-3mm stuff for IG GWs too so the smaller stuff will fit perfectly as well:) )

Now I just need to reposition the arms to fit properly :confused: