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Yeah same type of idea here in terms of development.

Lot size is 100x212, so about a 1/2 acre. By code the house have to be about 20 feet apart on either side (that’s a guess) but obviously not as close as in Europe.


Closeness varies a lot here though. In Finland we have 5 million inhabitants spread on an area bigger than New Mexico. So we aren’t exactly crowded. Although obviously the area actually feasibly usable is less than that.

The plot size sounds actually pretty close to what you get here, on the country side at least. Plots in town are somewhat smaller though. My parent’s (which is where I am right now) seem to be on a 1/4 acre or thereabouts, ~1200m2 if dad’s memory can be trusted. My friend should have about 2000m2, though he can “only” build some 200-250m2 on it (I forget which it is).

One of the newer areas close by here have lots in the range 700-900 m2. They’ve always looked a bit tight to me when I walk by.

At least here at my parents we ave the nice benefit of a inlet off the backyard so the risk of additional development is negligible.
Just as fun fact although planned and drawn as a detached house we are built right up against one of our neighbours, because otherwise the distance between houses would be too small. Apparently it was not an option to tell the people who placed their house wrong to move it. :wink:

Although there’s a developer who has somehow got approved for 14 story high-rise a stone’s throw away. Quite a feat in a town of 13000 where the highest you can build in the centre of town is 4 or 5 stories. Huge debate if they are going to allow a “heightening” of it to 6 in the absolute centre. I’d really like to have an explanation for how that logic works. Luckily the economic downturn more or less shut that down for now at least. Always a silver lining (if you are egocentric enough).

Do you have a lot of specifics on what you can build? Here there’s quite of list of things you need to keep to to keep “in character” of the area your building in. Except that 14 story building I mentioned above apparently. It doesn’t quite specify the colour you can paint a house in, but almost. Though I’m sure there’s a committee that will have stern talking to if you get overly creative.


By code there are certain things you can and can’t do. Some places are more restrictive or may have ordanences to prevent certain things.

Mostly this comes into play at the local level with conservation and zoning boards. Only time federal comes into play is wetlands and waterways. In the US (AFAICR) even the smallest stream/creek is by law under federal jurisdiction which would default to the Coast Guard. In day to day the federal level is rarely if ever involved.

Biggest is what the land is zoned for. You couldn’t put a 14 story structure like you are talking about right next to mine: it’s zoned low density residential; such a structure would be medium/high.


Work continues apace. We are about 7 weeks out from it being ready.

House is mostly sided now, roof is on, electric is being installed. Plumbing is all roughed in.

Concrete in basement and garage to be poured soon.

Last big hurdle is drywall.


Cold weather and concrete just do not get along. Make sure your contractor has a plan for freezing temperatures and pouring concrete (thermal blankets and hot water pumps). You’ll get cracks in anything you pour otherwise.


Cold weather and concrete just do not get along.  Make sure your contractor has a plan for freezing temperatures and pouring concrete (thermal blankets and hot water pumps).  You'll get cracks in anything you pour otherwise.

Did you know you have to cool down concrete when it dries? That's one reason you pour water over it.

Concrete is really picky about drying. Not too fast, not too slow. Not too cold, not too hot.


Well good news is the concrete basement was poured yesterday and all went well. Garage will be poured in a few weeks.

The siding has been going slow but at about the 75% stage.

Inside is coming together fast: insulation took one day and drywall was hung in 1 1/2 days. Next up is joint compound filling in the screw holes and seems.

All windows and doors are in as well.

By this point all sanding on the walls should be done and painting can commence. Flooring not to long after.

The inside phase of the house is usually the longest but it is going fast TBQH.


Probably a little late to recommend that you take photos of where all the wiring and piping is before the drywall goes up. Invaluable when it come to drilling new holes and stuff (although my wife rushed me and we are lacking photos of the most useful areas - yeah, we drove 40 minutes to look at the house for less than 5?!)


Already took um wish I had taken more however


Isn’t trying to figure out where all the stuff inside the walls are part of the fun of being a homeowner? :stuck_out_tongue:


If by fun you mean accidentally breaching the water or electrical lines then no.


Progress is steaming right along: ceilings are done, walls are plastered. The basement and garage floors have been poured.

The sump pump is now in as is the furnace. Electrical is partially on right now as on in a few spots of the house to facilitate construction. Siding is done as well.

Right now cabinetry is underway and painting is up next. After that’s it’s flooring and carpeting.

In terms of construction the oft given time-frame is given at 90-120 days. We are at day 59 as of right now… that’s right we might be done sooner then 90!


Looks like this weekend into early next week for the finishing work. We are at about 95% done right now.

Last parts are the painter is painting the walls and the tile is being installed I the front foyer. Kitchen and bath fixtures are underway and the electrician finishes Monday. Right now the house is powered but electric is not on fully within the house.

13 days to go…


That’s great news! Fingers crossed it’s not an unlucky 13!


Well… We have been cleared to close. It’s been a long haul and we will be moving in this weekend.


That’s great news! Remember to sacrifice some slaves for the housewarming!


So house-warming party is when?

I’ll have to clear my schedule for it.


Slave warming would be more appropriate for Dawi Zharr.


As long as it involves alcohol any Finn is game. Alcohol is high in calories so it’d mean more energy to whip slaves warm I guess.


Well we moved in last weekend. The living areas are all pretty well put together. Fair amounts of boxes in the basement and garage still but getting there.

If all goes well we officially close tomorrow.

One downside is no Internet until 12/31/11 :s