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Grongi Blackbeard:

The last year I’ve been working on a orcs and goblins army.

Back then I had never played warhammer before, so I bought a BfSP set.

some weeks ago i thought “what the heck shall i do with my dwarfs?” then i though of chaos dwarfs:)

i thought it was a good idea cause i woulden’t have to buy an army book

i had all the stuff thay i needed so i started converting and planning my army

my orcs and goblins army had a forest theme, so i figured out that i diden’t need all the night gobbos.

that was long before i discovered this page, so i diden’t convert them into tall greenskins, but they looked good anyway. with that it became excactly 1000 points!:hat off

(PS: “Grongi Blackbeard” is the name i gave my chaos dwarf hero:))


I’ve got some questions. I dont know if anyon ehere can answear, but whatever

1. do the orcs, goblins and hobgoblins use the updated rules for animosity?

2. in the sneaky gits profile it says something about lap around. is that some old rule? what is it? can i still use it?

3. can chaos dwarfs hire a dogs of war giant

thank you - Grongi Blackbeard


  1. Yes

    2. Old rule, no longer valid

    3. No

    Read the FAQ for the CD rules here: [[Chaos Dwarf Resources]]

Grongi Blackbeard:

ok thanks, but about the sneaky gits, if the rule no longer exists do you spend points on something that dosen’t work anymore?


Some people think they are still worth it despite the loss of that rule, some use the [[US-GT rules]], fewer still use the lap around rules.


there still worth the points without lap around. Its not a rule that is really worth any points anyways.


In their case Im not sure I agree but anyway, sure they are still worth taking. They have a hell of a lot of poisoned attacks and at 5 pts a model? Its a bargain.

- Tallhat


Sneaky gits scream for some sort of rule to make them a viable Special slot choice. Note I didnot say points I’m more or less fine with the point cost, taking up a special slot with just poisoned attacks… Not so much.


Youre right there. But lets face it. What else are you gonna use those special slots on? Blorcs? :confused: I find they are still good enough to warrant a special choice.

- Tallhat


I think the updated rule for the US GT is a good replacement for lapping.��Allowing the unit to make one free reform in their turn at the beginning of the combat phase.

If they get redone, I’d like to see them get the Scouts rule (being “sneaky” gitz and all).��But maybe thats just me.


Not too sure that Sneaky would really mean that they should be scouts. But it would be a possebility I guess…

- Tallhat