[Archive] Hireling wizards?


I was wondering if i can hire a DoW wizard. in the dow rules it says that i can hire any unit, but im not sure if a character counts as a unit for this purpose. Also, if it is possible, would he count as a rare choice or as a hero/lord?


the simple answer is no, but as DoW are really only for friendly use, there’s no real reason that you couldnt ask your opponents before the game


DoW are generally always a rare choice no mater what they are.

some of them also take up a hero slot. best to check the exact rules for each in the GW online DoW rules.


i did check the rules and it only says u can hire any unit and it will cost a rare slot. So if taking the rules RAW i should be able to hire a wizard.


I believe Unit in the case refers to Units, and not Characters. So no, you can’t take a Hireling Wizard. But hey, if your opponent is fine with it, why not house rule it to see what happens?

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As was mentioned, DoW are no longer fieldable, thusly meaning you can’t use the Hireling Wizard. Since you’d have to get your opponent’s permission to use any DoW (excluding giant/ogres), then you can come to an greement beforehand. I’d likely play it as a hero slot (or Lord if it’s level is 3+) and a special too or a hero plus some extra points/add an extra rule to show his hired nature. Something to show he’s not part of the army and something to prevent him being to cover a weakness (such as being against Dwarfs/Brettonians/Chaos and using the lore of Metal).


Since when did they become unfieldable? They are still as valid as ever, if frowned upon as cheesey in many situations.

I’m pretty sure it was said in an FAQ that DoW characters were not able to be taken. You could always take a Dark Emmisary or the other Albion guy since they are wizards.


yea, where does it say that dow are unfieldable??? as far as i know they are a perfectly legal army


yea, where does it say that dow are unfieldable???? as far as i know they are a perfectly legal army

They are a legal army (you might want to check if you are going to a tournament though), however as Ogrob notes the rule says units, not characters. So no, under normal circumstances you may not take a DOW hireling wizard in any other army.

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I was meaning unfiedable in the GW tournaments (obviously othe rtournaments can choose). If I am wrong, then I apologise, I have just heard it from a lot of people of late. I’m not on the tournament scene and so presumed that they were correct. Some reprimand sand corrections shall be made :wink:


Concerning Dogs of War Characters


Can other Warhammer armies hire non-named Dogs of War characters (i.e. Mercenary General, Hireling Wizard Lord, Paymaster, Mercenary Captain, Hireling Wizard) as a Rare choice?

No, you can’t field these types of Dogs of War characters unless you’re a Dogs of War army. (Ian Hawkes - Warhammer Design Team)

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Bilbo, was that an e-mail or an FAQ or something? Excellent and definitive answer though :wink:


Direwolf assembled FAQ. Their FAQ’s have people attached to them. :smiley: