[Archive] Historical era for CD?


With some of the other armies it’s possible to roughly tie them down to a real world historical era. When would the CD be?

We are a really odd mix of time periods I think.

Pyro Stick:

Wouldnt they be the Hittites and whatever era they were around in?


They are Hitlers worst nightmare hahahaha.

no I joke. 2nd and 3rd editions I would consider them more along the lines of the Russians, (Scibor has done a great job I think with the Moscols in protraying that) But with 4th and 5th they went with Babylonian for some reason which makes no sense. looks cool but makes no sense. I mean thats prime Cathayan type stuff. But with the Hellcannon crew I think they are going more along the lines of a mix of the Russian, and Babylonian(Beards) with a little bit of Norse thrown in too


Technology wise we’d probably be more like late tudor/ victorian period?


IMO the CDs up to the 3rd edition didn’t remind me of Russians. They were part of the “normal” Chaos Warriors and these guys reminds me of Norsemen, German robber barons of the middle ages with much of armour … big/huge Armour.

The newer 4/5th edition ones reminds me of the old Assyrian. I read that they were especially cruel and reckless towards their enemies. That’s the reason why the enemies eliminated the whole nation with all the inhabitants when they once defeated them.

The style of the clothes were also very close to the CDs.

The technology of he CD’s remembers me of the USSR and IMO there are influences of the old Chinese culture - rockets and mortars and  …

IMO it’s not very steam punk like. Nonetheless steam punk fits quite good to the CDs! :wink:



The Historical era of CD’s is the Neo-Assyrian Empire, because :

Because CD’s and Assyrians worship to gods with shape of bull.

Because CD’s and Assyrians have beards with shape very similar.

Because CD’s and Assyrians have war machines sophisticateds.

And because CD’s and Assyrians have big hats. :hat off

Kera foehunter:

i say over here it be the the 1830 to the 1890

the time of the wild wild west !!!and the steam punk era as America moves west !!!

Border Reiver:

So long as we don’t have to put up witl either Will Smith or Kevin Kline we’re good.

Kera foehunter:

ahhhhh that was a cool steam punk movie


I agree withe Kera it was a Steam Punk movie. That Train would fit right in with the CD army

look at it this way out of the 2 ‘father’ races Dwarfs and Elves in most stories neither are corruptable. But both actually are in the warhammer world; the Elves out of a need to seek power beyond any meens nescessary, and the Dwarfs to survive the onslaught of Chaos. Both Races suffered terrible civil wars. But while the Elves sat on their Island and kept things the way they had been for millenia, the Dwarfs invent new devices to wage war to defend themselves and to defeat their enemy, they are extremely industrious, and are a hearty people who love to drink and smoke.

Now when I look at it this way the Dwarfs/Chaos Dwarves remind me of the Romans, or the United States(Pre Civil War) Slavery is used extensively, very industrious nations with advanced technology, and the best military of the day. Obviously the Romans had many civil wars, and the US had its own


Pike and Shot

Big guns/black powder but still dedicated melee units


Just to clarify I know they are themed a little on Assyrians/babylonians/ hittites, but technology wise they certainly are not. :wink: