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I was chatting with Viskar last night on MSN and a though popped into my head.

How many people here play historicals? Even if you just got to conventions and play, who here loves historicals as well?

Also with Little Wars coming up, I’m hoping some CDO member(s) show up…

Kera foehunter:

well i play American civil war 25 mm the rebels

i like to get into 1812 there a place that sell 30mm figures

i played micro Armor my dad still has an American and Russian troops this would be modern 1/300 scale tanks and stuff


Am interested, have some models, but not enough to play. Also, trying to find a copy of Warhammer Ancients is tough in my corner of the world. I’m mostly only interested in Saxon-Viking periods and anything with Celts in. I’m going to look into “Secrets of the Third Reich” but that’s a weird kind of “Historical”. Hehheh


I like to play historicals, I try to make it to at least one HMGS East convention per year.


Mostly Historicon.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Historicon is great. Had lots of fun there over the years. Little Wars is a lot of fun too if you have never been!

I’ve played tons of historicals from napoleonics to microarmor (wwII and modern) to Wooden Ships and Iron Men (a GREAT game) to WAB.

I have been building my Alexander army for some time (since about 2002) and I have a large Celt force. I also have a few romans, though sadly they have never received any paint…always too many Warhammer models to do…


There are some great historical minis out there, my favorites are the Perry’s. I’d love to find some good rules for Napoleonics. Trouble is that I’m mostly a painter and modeller, and most historical minis tend to be monopose and lack the detail and variety of GW stuff. That is until now:


I need to finish my 24mm Visigoths.

I also have a lot of Flintloque, which is semi-historical.


I’ve got a ton of American Civil War 15mm to paint up. I really love the Fire and Fury rules for ACW.

As I have access to playing a lot of periods, I might do some far east stuff for my own collection. I’m thinking fuedal Japan, and the Perry bros have some very nice stuff for that.

Eventually I was to get some Vikings done as well. Then at some point ancients, not who I want to play yet. Late Roman Republic, Hebrews, Egypt, all sound fun… though I’ll try to get 2-3 from the same era.

Also I want to get around to WWII using Battlefront, or if I like them, Flames of War rules. Either Africa or Eastern Front.

I’ve been to historicon twice, with Pete Elmer, Mark Anderson, John Shepard, and Duke Siefreid (pretty much the historical group I game with). I’ve wanted to go again for years.

zorn sabretooth:

i’ve recently become interested in WAB and will probably be going to cruesade 2009 in cardiff with godbob