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First post in here, I’ve always been a fan of CD, but never been able to afford them. So far I have an iron daemon, magma cannon, 20 fireglaives, 3 daemonsmiths. I’m lookng to add some hobs as well. But I wanted to check what everybody uses for them?

Also, what should I be looking at adding next to my army?


Hi Sandypants and welcome to CDO.

To answer question number 2 first: after the summer of 2015 you would have to specify which system you are using. These days people are playing [AoS], [KoW], [9th Age] or


I’m currently playing 8th with intent on moving to 9th.

I was thinking of going with orc, grots on wolves etc.


Resin Hobgoblin heads arnt impossible to to get. I have a few dozen i would sell. If anyones interested.


I grab any greenskin I can find. So far I have a block of nightgoblins with bows and a block of gnoblars with mantic orcs for command. And I’m planning of adding a savage orc to each block as a unit filler.

Basically, fluffwise, Chaos Dwarfs can enslave anything. So I’m planning to also make a skaven block and use them as slaves, following the hobgob rules. Others do this with flagellants too.


for a fast, large scale, and cheap models i’ll suggest too the goblin from Mantics.

they have them even on some sort of flea fur balls with theeth and can work as wolfriders aswell.

they are the cheapest on the market as far as i know


So far I am using blocks of Grenadier Orcs, Grenadier Hobgoblins, Chronicle Hobgoblins, Ral Partha Orcs and of course Citadel 3rd Ed and 4th Ed Hobgoblins as my Hobgoblin Units.

basically anything I want to use.


I know it is possible to find hobgoblin conversions via searches and google-fu. Most of those return results from 2010-2012. Sometimes those searches bring up the same collection multiple times. Any chance there is a thread where all of the “types” of conversions for hobgoblins are in one place? (if not, I’m totally willing to just start linking things in this thread to attempt such an idea)

edit oo! Maybe the wiki? There’s the CD model section, perhaps a Hobgoblin Conversion section is needed?


These conversions are a little old: [[Chaos Dwarf Hobby Articles]]

Then there is this section of the forum: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=41


Battleforge has hobgoblins, too.
For a cheap and good looking version I would try GW nightgoblins, look great. Goblin Wolf riders as Hobgoblin wolf riders and Khans. If you add or substitute some other, more expensive, Hobgoblin variants or conversions later that will do no harm.
For 9th Age I wouldn`t use Orcs for goblins for the simple reason that you can use orcs in 9th age as core troops. Normally they have different base sizes as well.

Rocket Launchers are pretty versatile, a K´daii destroyer (Kadim Titan) and more warriors, whatever equipment you prefer (sword and board, more fireglaives, great weapons) are good additions to your existing troops.


These conversions are a little old: [[Chaos Dwarf Hobby Articles]]
Then there is this section of the forum: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=41

Very cool. I hadn't sen the Image Gallery section yet. Thanks for that. Exactly what I'm looking for.


My favorite sculpts for Hobgoblins with hand weapons: Battle Forge.

Hobgoblin Allies

My favorite sculpts for Hobgoblins with bows: Heresy Miniatures.