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I’m wondering if an 1000 point army that has 2 small units of Warriors and then a whole ton of hob gobbo’s is cheap. Please let me know:cheers

The Flying Beaver:

In terms of money, probably not. Generally the less models you need, the cheaper the army is. As you know, hobgoblins have a low point cost, so you’ll need more models.


And at 2pts apiece, you’re going to need a hell of a lot of models.


One day, when I have time, I’d like to convert a few hundred hobbos and play with them. I can see the look on my oponnents face now, as I put out unit after unit until the entire deployment zone is full with hobbos.

On subject, are you asking if the aforementioned idea is cheap (as far as money or pts) or are you asking if it is a cheesy idea?



Or, you could just take the Gnoblar Horde army- same thing, but more unit types.


Hmm, I suppose if you boght several BFSP boxes it wouldn’t be THAT expensive (you get about 60 convertable goblins per box), but you would go insane after a while, only so much hood sculpting the mind can take after all :P.

Uzkul Werit:

Hood sculpting? No need. Just get lots of the old plastic Night Goblins. They have the hoods, humbled backs and are roughly the right size.

It would work really well it just wouldn’t have much clout. And those two units of ten Chaos Dwarfs tend to eat up quite a few Hobgoblins in points.


That would be what, 400-something hobbos?

Would you be able to fit them in the deployment zone?

Also, would you use sneaky gitz?


So much stuff to paint… :o


Well I half ment cheesy but either way works. I thought it would just be cool to have a whole ton of units that don’t suck, and they’re cheap.(as in points.)


Oh, they certainly are cheap. But they’re not good if they’re all you’re using. You need something to deal with the heavier stuff.


In order to successfully utilize a Hobgoblin Army, you might want to consider such things as the lore of Death, which can cause a unit to cause fear. In this instance, the unit would be useful, especially in large blocks. Thus forcing the army to auto break.

I play vampire counts, so I am used to basic troop units with crappy ws and strength and toughness fighting it out. I usually maximize their armor save. Hobgoblins are usually throw away units. Units used to distract your opponent from the real meat of your army, the Chaos Dwarfs. However…

They CAN be used successfully, you just have to be cunning, stick heros in the units for Combat res, and use lores like the Lore of Death to assist in matters with getting units to auto break so you can run them down.

They are viable. Just that they take tactics, and luck and skill.

Lava Lord:

I’ve been reading about using quite a few hobgoblin units.��I’m more of the heavy sledge hammer type.��Just recently, I’ve come to respect sneaky gits lots, but hobos ??

Where do you find them most useful?��I understand the shield concept, but with the numbers I’ve heard of, suggests a wider use?��That is what I’d like to hear more about. thanx

Also, the most popular, use goblins/night goblins or gnoblars for hobgoblins.��Interested in your take.

The above info is great, just looking for a little expansion.��thanx all:cheers

Thommy H:

A lot of the army lists around here use naked hobgobbos in such numbers that they can soak up a lot of fire (and serve as cannon fodder) but also have a few ranks left when the enemy close in so that they can stand up in a fight.

Personally I feel like that’s not such a good idea - any unit that’s supposed to be optimised for two roles generally has to sacrifice one or the other. Still, at 2 points a model, who cares?

As to the modelling issue: gnoblars are too small. Remember that hobgoblins are between the size or orcs and goblins, so smaller than a goblin is clearly a step in the wrong direction. Night goblins work (because of the hoods), but remember that hobgoblins can’t have spears.


Sneaky gits in my opinion are best taken as small flanker units, 7 wide ranks, 3 files deep at most. Their speed and mobility allow them to try and get in for flanking. 15 Poisoned attacks is nothing to sneeze at. Especially in the flank. I view Sneaky gits more as throwaways then hobgoblins, but I’m weird.

Hobgoblins have a wide variety of tactical use due to their equipment possibilities. You can throw out naked units of them as screens, but shooting will cause these to panic quick, which could throw off your baited charge tactics. One thought is to have a meat shield that will have a charge declared against it. Declare a flee right in front of your chaos dwarfs, and the enemy will then be set up for a charge from your Chaos Dwarfs. Your hobgoblins, provided they move fast enough, will be on the other side of your Chaos Dwarfs if they escaped the charging unit. If not…and they fled through it…they will be 1 inch on the other side of your Chaos Dwarfs.

A note: When using Hobgoblins, throw them at weaker units. I’m talking things like Skeletons, skaven slaves, etc. Use them wisely and understand their combat capabilities well and know what to use them against, and you will do fine. Your equipment options will effect your plans, so plan accordingly as to what to throw them against. These guys won’t stand up against Chosen of Chaos. But it IS possible to hold their own against regular humans, skaven slaves, skeletons or zombies, chaos marauders (providing they don’t have flails and you get the charge), etc.

They have their uses. Just understand that they are fragile.

Basically, play them tactically like a hobgoblin thinks. Sneaky, dirty, underhanded and backstabbing.


I've been reading about using quite a few hobgoblin units. I'm more of the heavy sledge hammer type. Just recently, I've come to respect sneaky gits lots, but hobos ??

Where do you find them most useful? I understand the shield concept, but with the numbers I've heard of, suggests a wider use? That is what I'd like to hear more about. thanx

Also, the most popular, use goblins/night goblins or gnoblars for hobgoblins. Interested in your take.

The above info is great, just looking for a little expansion. thanx all:cheers

Lava Lord
Hobbos will be next in my tactics article.

Lava Lord:

:slight_smile: Thanx alot for the info, that is what I was hoping for. Apprciate it, Thommy H, Draconis, and Catbarf. Any other info or expansion is welcome. Thanx :cheers


Trying to make a Hobgoblin army out of the Ravening Hordes list is rather pointless. The Ravening Hordes list is designed to be a simple, sloppy, stripped down version of an Army Book with very little playtesting or balance checking. Furthermore, it is two entire editions out of date. And, finally, the list is designed for a Chaos Dwarf army and so Hobgoblins are merely a small addition.

If you want to play a Hobgoblin army, you need to have a list that is designed for playing a Hobgoblin army.

That means you have to resort to using a Fan list because GW has never created one and likely never will. (maybe in White Dwarf in 2010…)

I worked quite a lot on creating this one → http://www.zakyotoshi.com/HobgoblinArmyList.htm

It should give you a lot more nice, flexible options that allow you to fill out an army list. All troops are statted close to humans and priced accordingly. The list is created based on FLUFF rather than TACTICS and so I cannot guarantee that everything fits together in a nice, neat, obvious order for maximum effect (like Dwarven Gunlines or Wood Elf Skirmishing Archers). Instead it gives you a nice range of cavalry options (Super Light, Light, Medium-Heavy and Super Heavy), some ranged and some light infantry as well as special infantry (no medium or heavy infantry since it semes unthemely), a basic War Machine (another obvious weakness of the list) and some monsters to utilize.

It may be a bit underpowered, but it should run well against Orcs & Goblins, Skaven, Ogre Kingdoms and probably Empire. It will probably not stand up to Chaos or Brets very well and using it against Tomb Kings is effectively an auto-lose.

But… it is better than using the Chaos Dwarf Ravening Hordes list to try to make such an army, even if it isn’t an official list and obviously cannot be used for tournament play.


Use the Gnoblar Horde army. It’s all-Gnoblars.


Oh and another question? Would an all hob goblin wolf rider army be cheesy. (well almost, all other than the Chaos dwarfs.) I think this army would be alot cooler than just hob gobbo’s.