[Archive] Hobbyists, Gamer or both?


As the poll says where do you fall? And why made you vote the way you did?

Note there is no other for this poll, because the natural question would be what are you doing here?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I added in neither.

Simply put, some people just like to read the lore or like the world and community it’s set in. I haven’t been a gamer for a long time due to nobody to play with and basically being priced out of trying to be vaguely competitive (even if I stuck to one army that was well supported).

I also struggle to call myself a hobbyist as I rarely do any painting or modelling. In fact, about my only contact with the hobby these days (other than my room being filled with storage full of models and stuff), is on this website and sometimes when I get White Dwarf.

A lack of people doing the hobby, the constant changing of things forcing me to always play catch-up, the overly-exorbitant prices (even more so after working there) and a lack of reason/motivation to do the hobby means I just like to chill and chat with my homies on here.

I’d LIKE to be a hobbyist and/or gamer again, but it won;t be happening any time soon. Especially witht he way GW keep disllusioning me.


I’m a mix of both but Hobbyist is winning the race due to lack of games and gaming partners. GW practices have driven a lot of players and potential players away in my area


I went with both.

I’m still pretty active gaming at my local GW but finding a WFB player is much more of a challenge than 40K.

I love the collecting and hobby aspects as well though I think my collection is going to start gettignn thinned out fairly soon.




Hobbyist in my case, but on my terms not GWs. I get to play games few and far between, of warhammer that is

In any event 3rd edition warhammer was the best.


Definitely both for me. I love converting unique armies a bit more than is healthy, but I also love playing the game. My LGS has had an influx of new players lately, so games have been plentiful, Hashut be praised!

Fuggit Khan:

Both for me…I grew up on Airfix kits and Avalon Hill bookcase games (remember the bookcase packaging?). It was not long before me and my friends started to make up our own games with dice, rulers and Airfix/Matchbox tanks and planes. As we got older (and our pocket money also grew) we got hooked on Games Workshop, the perfect blend of gaming and modeling. But I still love to build WWI and WWII model kits…I just don’t blow them up with firecrackers anymore :slight_smile:

Blue in VT:

I’m really a hobbyist at this point…but I do manage to get a game in every few months or so…so I chose both.




But I still love to build WWI and WWII model kits...I just don't blow them up with firecrackers anymore :)

Fuggit Khan
I used to burn bullet holes in them with a magnifying glass