[Archive] Hobgoblin Army with a Monochromatic look


Hello all - Ratapult (New User) here

I have finally broken my Skaven addiction and have moved on to something different. Have always wanted to do a Hobgoblin Army but with a slightly different look . . .

Never being a fan of the Green skin of the “Normal” Hobgoblins, I have always liked the Goblin models being painted with Human skin, making rather ugly looking Hobgoblins and something different to do. Also - I wanted to challenge my normal painting preferences (lots of muted browns and colours all over the place) so I set myself a challenge to work as close to a Black and white colour scheme as possible.

I will be using the O&G Rulebook for the unit types/rules - so the Smallest Hooded Hobgoblins will be Night Goblins, the next size up will be Orcs etc.

Really enjoying painting the models, will update as and when. Hope you enjoy. Ratapult

Large Hobgoblin (Orc Unit Champion)

Small Hobgoblins (Night Goblins)


very unusual look, all those chequered bases must take forever,

looking forward to seeing how this develops,




wow those are really well painted! you should do a gobbo army like that! but i can only imagine how long it’ll take to paint a whole army that quality, especially a gobbo army!


cool paint job…

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I like it, I may borrow the hood idea


Thanks for all the comments :slight_smile:

@fairoaks024 - Yeah, I thought the checks would be easy. It is styrene sheet with grooves all over. I thought painting every other square would be easy but it turns out its a bit of a bind :-/ . . . Going to follow it through though, thinking some kind of “Temple Guard” theme

@thrawn - The main unit took about 4 Hrs from beginning to end for the Night goblin models (a bit each evening). Am working on the 12 Strong Larger Hobgoblin unit now to match the champion (Unit of 12)

@rpitts2004 - Borrow away, I think I stole it from somewhere anyway :slight_smile: . . . The “Orc” size goblin head is from an Old Night Goblin Unit champion I think. The rest of the units heads are made from Old Night Goblin heads (much larger than the latest kits heads). They match the Stormvermin bodies that I am using for the unit


Nice work there

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Minimalist style… but very effective!!! Well done!!


Looks real cool and yeah those bases must have taken forever!

Would love to see more pictures when you feel like posting.


Cool unit like the bases.


Cool stuff! love the skin one (:


Nice work. I am kind of chuckling at how much work the checkered effect takes… I made the same mistake as your initial thoughts - how hard could it be? I gave up though - good for you for sticking with it!

Da Crusha:

I really like the faces, the paint looks great. I think the hood could use some shading though and Im not a big fan of the checkers.


Thanks for all the comments :slight_smile:

Small update - Two pics. The first is a Hobgoblin Bigboss with Great Weapon (an old Goblin Netter - they are bigger than the normal modern plastics and make great leader models) and a Squig conversion (I am using the O&G rules after all)

Hobgoblin Big Boss with Great Weapon

Squig conversion made from a River Troll Head, Ghoul Arms and Kroot Feet


This is awesome! Especially loving the annoyed looking squig. He looks perfectly like a hobgoblin squig should!

Da Crusha:

I love the squig conversion! an excellent idea.


Cool conversion dude, do you plan on making a whole unit of these squigs.


@CopperPot - Yeah, planning for it, just need to get hold of the heads now. I have 4 and need to root through my bitzbox for the 5th. Other than that it will be keeping an eye on the Bitz sites and Ebay to see when the heads come up.


Great paintjob,

i really like the skin tones and the bases; the conversions are interesting too overall the squig one.


Squig Conversions

Mini-updata as I work on the main Hobgobbo units - a better shot of Squig conversion 1 and a a shot of Squig 2, have also added chains for a little more detail