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I’m sure this idea has been kicked around a lot, and for that matter I’m not sure if this is even the right spot to put it, but it occurs to me that I already have 60 hobgoblins, 10 hobgoblin wolfriders, and two bolt throwers, so why not just expand it to a full hobgoblin army? It seems like the most legit way to do this and get accepted play would be to use the current orcs and goblins army, so the question is, what units represent what?

wolf chariots, wolf riders, spear chuckas, rock lobbers, and troops are all pretty standard and straight-forward. I’m going to keep orcs out of it unless I do some black orcs, but I doubt black orcs would be submissive to hobgoblins…

The question is, what would be good representations for some of the other goblin-y things? i.e. what would be a good hobgoblin representation of squigs and mangler squigs? spiders and arachnarok spiders? Should trolls and giants still be trolls and giants? Would a doomdiver be a hobgoblin attached to some ridiculous Chaos Dwarf invention? I don’t know enough of the old-school hobgoblin history to make educated guesses on any of these…


I think it makes sense mixing in the crazy CD “gifts” as things like the doom diver or maybe even as a mechanical spider for the arachnarok…

Troll and giants should probably just stay trolls and giants, though obviously enslaved.

Hobbos back in the day had their own Rocket launchers… some modern version or just Deathshriekers standing in for rocklobber might be a good alternate.


Nice collection, would like to see what you manage to come up with. I hope to manage a swap for 30+ hobgobs and some cds against a lot of old space marines.


I am doing the same as my CD army will be hobgob heavy, My anarchok spider is going to be a Mammoth.


As mentioned elsewhere I am putting together a Hobgoblin Tribe ala p110 of TOC, at least for friendly games. Not likely to win too many tourney style battles as no lords, limited magic items, etc.

Long term i am also doing a Hobgob O&G army where everything must be mobile, so planning to use Plageclaw Catapult as basis for lobber and Empire Hellblaster cariage as basis for BT (this also gives me triple-barrel mortars as fillers for my blunders and extra rockets). And am also using Chaos Hounds for Hobhounds instead of wolves. Just wait to you see what my Khan is mounted on.

If i ever get enough time to finish will post pics.

Kera foehunter:

Shoot the hobgoblin out of canons!!


Random ideas flitting about my fevered brain:

Thinking of a couple of Orcs as powerful Hobgoblins, and want a certain image for my HG army.

General - Hobgoblin Great Shaman on Cockatrice => Orc Great Shaman on Wyvern. (Fluff reasons for shaman leader in my army) otherwise maybe Grom as warlord.

Spiders are everywhere, so as long as you model/convert a bit should be ok. (This is because i haven’t found a suitable snake yet)

I’m also thinking of 1 unit of savage orcs on Sabretusks/bears for boar riders.

Maybe toads/lizards as squigs, and really big toads/lizards as Manglers. Or Ramshackle Dungers?

An other idea for Manglers is chained/blinded/insane ogre slaves?

Mammoth/Thundertusk as Arachnarok seems pretty standard.

Doom diver i’ve been thinking of hobgob on buzzard/vulture or just slave goblin as per normal.


I am really liking the sound of this. I counted my hobgoblins, but I don’t have enough as you do, but a Hobgoblin army sounds really good. At least you can get to field any Black Orcs you may have. I know I have some. And I think some hobgoblins on squigs would look great. I am off to eBay to see if I can buy some squigs. :slight_smile:

If you get some photos of your army, please share them.


in my O&G army I was using a block of grenadier orcs as black orcs but considering their size which is considerably smaller than the later GW orcs, I.ve decided to dedicate them as hobgob’s. Their boss is actually one of the original orc “leaders” as he’s a fairly reasonable match in size.

Chaos hounds make great wolfs and there’s lots of other good ideas floating around out there. I Saw an empire army at cancon where a bloke had converted the space wolf lord on the massive fenris wolf thing into an empire champion


i know i’ve used hobo armys in games before back in 4-6th, was eaiser when they came out with the DoW hobo general i just used him and then made a chaos dwarf hobo army for him to lead. won all 6 games with them…they were against skaven and O&G, the wolf riders were worth their weight in gold back then. best light cav in the game hands down.