[Archive] Hobgoblin beer offer


Theres a promo been on at a local bar regarding Hobgoblin beer, managed to blag myself a Hobbo t shirt and 2 beer glasses.

Worth checking out if anywhere near you has this on. Its a Halloween promo but apparently last till end of November.

If you text the word hobgoblin to 60300 you can win hobgob goodies too (and theres not a big charge like usual with these things).

Just thought I’d share it with you lovers of Hobgoblins.


don’t drink beer, but i love the Hobgoblin Cyder.

Pyro Stick:

Whats the offer? Are they just selling stuff cheap, like the offers on the back of the bottles?


just seems to be they have given freebies to pubs to hand out to punters drinking hobgblin.

Then theres the txt compo to win merch (apparently theres a cash prize too).