[Archive] Hobgoblin heads - seeking parts


There are some nice hobgoblin conversions out there. But there I don’t want to use gnoblar og goblin heads.

Are there any conversion parts for sale somewhere on the interwebs?

I thinking in the line of Grimestonefires great chaos dwarf conversion parts.

Or could somebody be interested n making some for sale? I would certainly buy some.

Admiral or Rozmax? You guys been making nice hobgoblin heads - they’re just a bit too attached to the models.


Good suggestions, Herby. If there are no, you could always consider sculpting every single head (face and heagear) on the troopers, or sculpt and cast some heads. If you do the heads on an assembly line, one step at a time it won’t be that tedious. Start with a pin to make it stable.

I also want real Hobgoblin heads for my Hobgobbos, but I haven’t found any.


I got all my gretchen heads from an ebay bitz store.


Gretchin (40k Ork “goblins”) heads are perfect. I noticed one could even get away with Instantmoulding them, depending a bit on what bodies you are going to attach them too (won’t be getting much of a neck or ball joint).


I somehow missed your last line in the post, Bloodbeard. Sorry about that.

I’ve never moulded or cast stuff before, although I’ve certainly contemplated doing so for especially Hobgoblin heads. I won’t have any opportunity to do so in the close future, since my student economy won’t allow for the purchase of equipment.

However, if you could persuade an independent producer of some sort (perhaps Baggronor or Maxmini?) to cast and sell a set of 10 or so Hobgoblin heads, I’d be willing to make an attempt. I’ve already some plans, like a head with a knife clenched between its teeth. I’m not much interested in turning a profit out of it, merely in getting some proper Hobgobbo heads available on the market.

I’ve never done commission work before, but if you’re really interested I guess I could sculpt a horde of heads, though that would cost more due to work hours.


Thanks for your offer Admiral. Buying 50 induvidually sculpted hobgoblins heads - is not really the way to go. Then I would rather use the time to get the skills myselfs.

I have a friend, who’s done lots of resin casting of small stuff - like weapon options for 40k. They look pretty good. So that should be a possibility for hobgoblin heads too. To one would ofcause need to make 10 different first or something like that.

WIll look at the internet and try to find the next best thing.

Perhaps do some work to gretchen heads.


Alright. Just tell me if you need some heads from me for your friend - or some other small caster - to cast for you. I think I won’t require any payment perhaps other than postage costs, and you can keep the “greens” as well if you like to. Faces are fun to sculpt, so it wouldn’t be that tedious.

If someone casts such heads I would however like to have (for free, or purchased) some dozens of them! :wink:


Check: Kromlech, Puppets War, Spellcrow, Maxmini for heads.

There you might find something for you.

Just checked out those sellers. They make some really great bits, for a lot of different projects. Wow.

But nothing really were hobgoblinny or even pure goblinny. Thanks for the share though.


Good links, Herby, though I think Bloodbeard meant that Goblin (or Gretchin or Gnoblar) heads have the wrong facial structure to closely resemble GW’s old Hobgoblin models. Of course the pirates and Red Army Gobbos are very much Gobbos. :wink: