[Archive] Hobgoblin Hero spamming?

Da Crusha:

Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody has tried playing games with a whole bunch of hobgoblin heroes. I was wondering if it would be tactically viable to put 5 or 6 hobgoblin heroes in a unit together, only armed with great weapons and Heavy armour or heavy armour and shield, and put them into a dwarf unit to bolster its attacks. 6 hobgoblin heros with GW and HA would cost … 48 each … so 288 points. ouch sounds pretty expensive like that.

I havent really thought it through yet. all comments welcome.


Interesting… if you put 4 in a unit of 5 wide the unit it will be fighting will have trouble spreading his attacks, the 5th place in the front rank is for the champion so when fighting this unit you cant really attack the unit itself (all attackt in the first round will kill only the champion, and then the banner steps up raising your combat score). and if this unit gets charged in the flank the heros can still move into combat.

Best not to put them in a unit of warriors, way to expensive but a unit of armored HG would do.

but 48 points for only 2 wounds is quite a bad bargain unit wise, I would prefer the 4 dwarf warriors with greatweapons you can buy for those points.


I did that with Goblin Heroes in 4th edition. If they charged a unit they mashed it to death.


Like Wight King spam, it sounds great, but I’m not sure its that viable really.

The real filth was Goblin Heroes with great weapons on wolf chariots in an all Goblin army back in 7th, back when you got the free Big Bosses. My mate used several of them. Not pretty.

Alan the evil:

I’ts not a bad idea to put several hobbos heroes on wolf… but not all togheter.

First of all 5 of more hobbos are animose.

More hobbos hero give you a lot a mobility and possibility to do combinated charges and a lot of tactial tricks.

I tried some combinations: more than almost naked (with wolf, h/a and GW) I like to spend some points to powered them.

Tried to field on with armour of fournace and shield and another with gem of gnar: very funny!!

Border Reiver:

Excepte that heros are not subject to animosity, you need 5 or more non-character hobgoblins before your get animosity.