[Archive] Hobgoblin heroes and magic items


Hi there, I have a simple question today. Are hobgoblin heroes allowed to take Chaos Dwarf magic items or just the ones listed among the common items?

Note that my question focuses on Ravening Hordes, though I would also like to know what’s the case with de Tamurkhan list.


Grimbold Blackhammer:

Hobbos are not Chaos Dwarves so no.


So no, they cant take items from the chaos dwarf list in RH, or so no, they cannot take magic items at all? The RH list says:

You may choose magic items for your characters and units from the following list and/or the common magic items in the rulebook.

It does not specify race, but then I have no access to the first pages of the RH booklet, where the magic items restrictions are listed.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Sorry, when you write “chaos dwarf” magic items, I took that as “chaos dwarf only” kinds of items. You’ll have to check the specific listing (which I don’t have in front of me since I’m at work) but if it says a hobgoblin can take ‘x’ points of magic items, they can choose from common magic items as well as those listed in the army book. But not the items that are “chaos dwarf only” of course :cheers


In RH, Hobgoblin Heroes can use any of the army list items and common items that aren’t restricted by saying “Chaos dwarfs only”, or that are over their points limit, or that they wouldn’t be allowed due to the item type (can’t carry a magic banner because they can’t be a BSB).


Thanks a lot!

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