[Archive] hobgoblin hordes!


Hey all,

Here’s a list I plan on trying. I don’t know when I’ll get a chance. Haven’t played in about a month now, but that’s ok hopefully soon. It’s time to bloody the slaves!!!


Baznar the Blasted

Lvl 4 Sorceror Prophet, Lore of Metal

Talisman of Preservation, Chalice, Enchanted Shield


Golruk the Grim

Lvl 2 Daemonsmith, Lore of Metal

Dispell Scroll, Charmed Shield

Hakkar The Bloody

Dark Castellan, BSB

Mask of the Furnace, Biting Blade, Shield


Baznar’s Bladeguard

10x Infernal Guard

Hand Weapon and Shields

Standard Bearer, Banner of Slavery

Hakkar’s Bloody Mess

62x Hobgoblin Cutthroats


Full Command

Golruk’s Piercing Gaze

62x Hobgoblin Cutthroats


Full Command


2x Death Shrieker Rockets

2x Magma Cannons


2x Hellcannon

So I watched a couple of battle reports from MrMalorian on youtube and saw him run (with some success) a multi-goblin horde army of Orcs and Goblins. He had a bunch of warmachines, a small contingent for his general, and then some BIG blocks of goblins. I thought, well I could do that and I could probably do it better because my warmachines are superior.

So CDO, what do you think? How will my slaves fair?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Aside from no one will want to actually play against it, I see some holes in your list. I presume your Castellan will be hanging around with his 10 Infernal Guard buddies since he can’t join any other unit. That’s pretty easy points to mop up. Also I’m not sure what Lore of Metal is going to really do for you. I don’t think +1 to hit is going to make Hobgoblins any form of killy and a 4+ armor save won’t make them not die in droves. I think one unit of three Skullcrushers would roll your whole army. No chaff to slow the enemy down, no armor, and you appear to be relying on magic to deal with anything with an armor save. I think I see the potential but against anything but a certain build, I’d expect this list to have serious issues.


I think one unit of three Skullcrushers would roll your whole army.
That is presumably why he has Lore of Metal for Searing Doom...

Still, not sure what all those Hobbos are actually going to accomplish. The artillery alone won't win you games, nor will it score many VPs as its quite hard to wipe things out at range.


I usually run 2 units of 40 hobgoblins with shields flanking a unit of 25 Chaos Dwarfs with the banner slavery (lots of undead players where I play) it works pretty well though I do prefer units of 25 HG


I run a lot of hobgobs in my armies and really like them, although I do give them bows. I’d then split the units into 3x40. Their 5+/6++ in combat is not great, but it’s not terrible, esp if they get some buffs off (GR, EBofA). They’d need a hammer unit though. If only we had one of the best in the game… :wink: