[Archive] Hobgoblin Khans and Despoiler/raiders


Hey there

two quick questions regarding Hobgoblins

1: Hobgoblin raiders (wolf riders): If I add shields to them, are they still fast cavalry. I was thinking “no”, as my WoC, DE and other books present “if you add shields, no fast cav.” rule. But there’s nothing on this, so do they keep fast cav?

2: The Khan(s)*: Are they fast cav if mounted on a wolf? I kind of doubt it, but hey,worth checking.



  1. page 194: “May be equipped with shields (the unit will no longer be counted as Fast Cavalry)”, so they lose there fast cavalry

    2. it doesn’t say the can gets the fast cav. rule, so no it won’t count as fast cav.


Awesome! thanks!

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