[Archive] Hobgoblin Mini project (pics needed)


Over on Hand of Hashut Xanthillar and I were trying to put together a list of every conversion people could use for Hobgoblins (including sneaky gits).

I was thinking it would be a great mini project here, we could assemble them all into a pdf.  So what I need really are single mini shots (before or after painting) with parts lists.

I’ll only need a single shot for each type of conversion, so if we assemble a list here first I can cross them off as we get the pics.

Regular Goblins (unconverted)

Regular Goblins (converted)

Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblins/ multipart Night Goblins (unconverted)

Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblins/ multipart Night Goblins (converted)

Ghouls with goblin/ night goblin heads

Blood bowl models

Bloodletters with goblin/ night goblin heads  (That was one of Xanthillars…)

Flagellants with goblin/ night goblin heads

Uruk Hai (unconverted)

Plague monks with goblin/ night goblin heads. DONE

Bretonnian men-at-arms with goblin/ night goblin heads.


I made mine from Plague Monk/Packmaster bodies:

The Hobgoblin boss:

Parts used for this:

Pack Master body

Plastic 6th ed Goblin arms

Plastic 6th ed Goblin Wolf Rider legs (just the feet)

Plastic 6th ed Goblin head

Beastmen Regiment axe and Shield

For hat mainly GS - but also 4 tips from 2 6th (5th?) ed Night Goblin Bows

The regular hobbos are made from Plague Monk bodies, 6th ed NG arms, Wolf Rider legs, Plastic Goblin heads and various weapons from any kind of WFB races.


Yay, the first one. I’ll change the text to red so it’s clear which ones we still need.


And that’s a very nice idea too. Looks good!! The proportions are spot on, IMO, which is usually off in most conversions.


I use the old Grenadier Goblins





… and there are more Goblin, Hobgoblin and Ork minis!

http://www.mirliton.it/index.php?cName=fantasy-2528mm :h


Kera foehunter:

i have some of my undead curse crew hob goblin pm when you get back

i have to take pictures!!

Ghrask Dragh:

6th Ed Dwarfs,

6th Edition Night Goblins,


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Here’s an idea…don’t know how good…but Goblin upper bodies with High Elf or Dark Elf legs. It would give you the height and the “Skirts” needed for Hobgoblins. (Had the thought last night and was going to post a seporate thread about it until I found this one.)