[Archive] Hobgoblin Wolfcentaur WIP


he does a little… i’ve changed the placing of the magnet holding the upper torso in place. this will put the body more straight up. the angel of the body is now simular to the other centaurs.


done some more work on the centaur hero. i’m trying to armour him up in a simular fashion as the original models with scale mail allround. not 100% happy yet but it’s getting there.


better angle of it.



I think it’s really cute^^


nice idea,never saw that before

it looks like the upper bodies of some of the gobbos are a little bit to long,but could be because of the angle

would really like to see them painted


i might start painting them pretty soon. i’m now trying to get my blunderbuss unit painted, but i’m never really good at doing whole units at once so i might do a few centaurs to distract my thoughts of the red and bronze:). and in the mean time i’m building the other 5 including some commandgroup options.


talk about needing a distraction from painting red and bronze… i’ve started painting the first centaur. at the moment he’s almost done, but the sun is almost gone and i have to little light to take a good picture. so here’s an earlier one from the late afternoon:

i’m pretty happy how the wolve is turning out. the goblin part will be in the same colours as my normal hobgoblin spearmen and archers.

i hope it lives up to everyones expectations :stuck_out_tongue:


that wolfcentaur has done some workout i see!


Kudos dude! :hat off

These goblinwolf Centaurs are really awesome! :cheers

I’m eager to see the whole unit finished!



then i’ll first have to build the other half of the unit. although i could paint the other 4 that i have aswell… first need a new black spray can though. but i also want to finish my blunderbusses and i haven’t done anything on them in a few days… i’m such a slack when it comes to painting.


i finished the first centaur late last evening. so i shot some photo’s of it today while the sun was shining. i’m completely in love with how the model turned out.

the other 4 are going to have to wait, i motivate myself on a “do something and get rewarded” system. so before i allow myself to paint the others i first have to paint a number of blunderbusses (i really hate to paint core units, as there are always large numbers of almost the same models).


not that i think it was really a secret who made it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i don’t think the base of the model really worked out the way i wanted… that and i need some more practice in using a lightbox while taking pictures. other then that… i’m really happy i was able to join the contest and i’m hoping to try again in GH14


small update on this project. i’ve finished the first of the wolf centaurs. i magnetized the weapon arms, so i can easily change from spears to bows.

Da Crusha:

looks pretty good. how do you like the magnets?


that was a really good advice, thanks again for it. i’m now using magnets on other models too (like my daemonsmith that shoots a daemonhead out of his hand). i bought 100 of them and i think i might need more in the long run.