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Hi, is it true that Chaos Dwarfs don’t trust hobgoblins with missile weapons ?

I have based my army on this ,not sure whether to get some more bows?

Thanks heaps

Thommy H:

Since they have access to both bows and bolt throwers, I’d say their masters are just fine with it.


I do seem to recall having read something like that.

I thought Bows and boltthrowers were sort of considered “safe”, and that it is the “high-tech” stuff they are not allowed.


Hobgoblins with a Death Rocket or Earth Shaker, think of them sending hobgoblins into orbit. :smiley:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I would think that it would be because of the Animosity of Hobgoblins. Would you want your Death Rocket to fire every turn, or only when the Hobgoblins weren’t fighting.

It could also be to prevent a Hobgoblin uprising. Bows and Bolt throwers can be defeated eaiser than Death Rockets and Earthshakers.

Thommy H:

Bolt throwers aren’t subject to animosity.

They don’t use firearms because, like all Greenskins, they’re just too dumb to figure them out and the Chaos Dwarfs have no cause to train them.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Bolt throwers aren't subject to animosity.

Thommy H
Wonder why.

Thommy H:

Because the Animosity rule states that it only affects units that contain at least five models. Any less than that and there aren’t enough to cause a squabble, I guess.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Interesting point. I didn’t have any Bolt Throwers, so I never paid too much attention to who was affected and who wasn’t. I guess this works with the single Goblin figures too.

Thommy H:

Yes, it works with any unit that, at any point, has less than five models.