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Hi I’m new here.

I started modding a hobgoblin warband, after seeing these conversions

I copied the receipe, mordor orcs body and gnoblar head, get a bit of green stuff and did my first real conversion job.

Hope you like it






[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Bad Gram Northern:

looking good!

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I like it. I’d be tempted to use the idea myself except I only really want archers, if I read the site correctly every pack has 12 models, only two are archers…


Nice work!!!

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Fuggit Khan:

Very cool…I especially like the extra effort you made in sculpting green stuff packs and pouches. Gives them a nice “authentic” feel…similar to the Perry brothers miniatures that focus on that sort of detail…good work :hat off


Thank you

@ nicque-ta-mare : I get my sprue by ebay and some model were missing but I also get the impression that each sprue only contain 2 archers. Some other minis could have some position that could work for convert some archer, but you need bow arms, for mine I had some extra arms from some perry medieval mercenaries. The two hobgoblins with bow but without quiver were in fact supposed to hold a two handed weapon.

@ Fuggit Khan : Thank you. I did my conversions thinking about a mordheim look. I wanted them to be a small group by themselves. I wanted to add more details to it but don’t really know what could fit. I painted some rackham miniatures back in the old day (damn I feel old) and I would like to obtain this level of details.

Next I should start painting the first batch pretty soon, and I also plan on getting some milliput to try to sculpt some sneaky gits.

Kera foehunter:

I like your take on your Hobgoblin, you did a fine job