[Archive] hordes o chaos list


ok here it is

exalted sorcceror of chaos-235

crimson armour of dargan-20


lvl 4-35

exalted demon times 2-460

lvl2 times 2-160

chaos disruption times 2-100

5 chaos knights full command tmes 2-410

banner of wrath times 2-100

20 chaos warriors full comand with sheilds-330

banner of wrath-50


chaos disruption-50

for a total of-2195

65 points to spare just have specials left

thinking aboult maby a daemonic mount or some nurgling but both just dont fit with the theme

what should i do


what i like to do is mark the sorcerer, i like nurgle personally, and then use the chaos daemon sword.��nobody expects a sorcerer to pop up with 6 ws7 str 6 attacks.��mark of nurgle means he can take a few wounds from his sword if he wiffs and still have a good chance at living, and if he is on a daemonic mount then he also gets 2 str 5s, but i take him on a barded steed for the 2+ armor.

also, you only have 2 core and you need 3.


two chaos knight units and a unit of warriors

thats 3


Okay, to start with exalted daemons are two hero choices each, so you are fielding effectively five characters in less than 3,000pts, which is illegal. Second, you can’t take multiples of daemonic gifts any more than you can magic items, so the three banners of wrath and three chaos disruptions are out as well.

As far as the list itself goes - you need more troops! Two units of five chaos knights will die if unupported and in 2,000 pts as will the unsupported exalted daemons. If you want both a lot of magical ability and CC ability in CC go for champions of Tzeentch and stick them in decnet sized units. In 2,000 pts I’d cut the hellcannon, but I’ve never used it in that fewer points, so let me know how that one goes. The 20 warriors I like, big units are definatly the way to go.

My advice:

1. Cut one unit of knights and reinforce the other, give it the mark of Tzeentch

2. Swap the Exalted sorcerer for a lord of Tzeentch - he’s a better buy than an exalted sorcerer or daemon and attracts less fire. Stick him in the knights unit

Get some screamers and/or some furies. Failing that, marrauder horsemen and centigors are also good options for cavalry support. If you don’t go with Tzeentch then mounted daemonettes and fleshhounds are superb

3. Get some marrauders! They are the best core choice in a chaos army and give you some cheap rank and file, they’ll also flesh out your core choices. Unit size 20 minimum, go for 30

4. Since you can’t field the two exalted daemons, go for aspiring champions of Tzeentch to lead your infantry.

5. Don’t go so heavy on magic items - if their bearers die before they get to use them effectively then you’ve wasted a lot of points.

I know I’ve critisised a lot here but its well intentioned. I’ve played hordes of chaos since the sixth edition book was released and I’ve only lost with them three times