[Archive] Horror Movie Flayerkin


Hey all, I need ideas for my Flayerkin/Slaves. I want to add some guys from horror movies/popular games, etc. to them. My list thus far:

Ghostface (Scream):

-GS mask; dagger from Chaos Space Marine sprue

Freddy Krueger:

-Necron Flayed One claws; Chaos Mutation sprue face


-Chaos mutation face/chainsaw thing? Though if I were a CD, I wouldn’t trust a slave with a chainsaw…

Hannibal Lecter

-GS’d bondage mask from Hannibal

Mason Verger (Hannibal)

-Chaos mutation head/new possessed sprue head


-Dwarf body, Slayer hair or GS’ed


-Not sure… wire glued to head? He’ll be hard.

Flood Combat Form

-Zombie sprue; some GS

Headcrab Zombie

-GS ball on the head; elongated fingers

-Large; used to count as Ogre Bulls-

Pyramid Head

-Ogre bull body, Daemon prince sword, plasticard pyramid head.

Baron of Hell (Doom)

-Classic Ogre body/collector’s Bloodthirster head?

Gargantua (Half-Life 1)

-Classic Zoanthrope head

-Daemon Prince torso

-Tyranid biomorph sprue

Anything I missed? Better bitz ideas?

Kera foehunter:

im to creap out to post (kera goes of and hides) she scream back at bill what about the guy from slient hill!!!as a general.


you need the cast from devil’s rejects.


Good idea! I need that movie, too.

Rob Zombie FTW…

@Kera: 1) Aww… I scare teh Kera. XD; 2) Pyramid Head? He’s in there. But the General is a CD. Pyramid Head is waaay too big to be a CD…

Kera foehunter:

what about the undead monkey oF captain jack sparrow!!!


Ohh yeah…

I’ll have him sit on a pirate-looking slave. Or perhaps on the shoulder of the Ogre Pirate Maneater?

I think I could make him from the old Genestealer familiar…


I just used Skaven, with various odd bits attached to them (mutation sprue etc).

Converting actual characters from movies sounds like a hell of a lot of work to me.


Your list looks pretty good to me.

What about Jason from Friday the 13th, or that guy from Halloween (appropriate choice given the day tommorow).

I always thought these would make decent slaves.

Kera foehunter:

Wow they are cool grims !!! you find all the cool stuff.


How about the most horrifying thing ever to appear on screen - Andy McDowell shudders


Freddy from Friday 13th is up there…

Oh, also:

Jigsaw’s Doll (Saw)

-Necrarch familiar, High Elf blitzer head from blood bowl, GS’d hair.

Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden mascot)

-Shuriken Jetbike rider body, head still in question, GS hair.

Old Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth mascot pre-2007)

Undead skeleton head, Cadian shock trooper body, Skaven Poison Wind golbadier backpack.

New Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth mascot post-2007)

Delaque Ganger Necromunda body, classic Ork gas blowtorch, GS hair.

Kera foehunter:

i think that the new empier flacellants would make cool slaves they have chains and metal collars


Using them too.


The Guy (Disturbed mascot)

-Last Chancer body, Wraith head with GS over the skull.

Kera foehunter:

yea they are cheep and looks cool


:slight_smile: Like me!


wow alot of bands i like up here! Rob zombie and distrubed! anyway, sounds good project wise but when i do anything i try to avoid refrences to any outside things because quiet frankly, i just think it kills the whole theme of my army and sort of makes it into a systemmatic thing instead of an intense battle!

just my 2 cents, but dont let a noob like me stop you!


Seriously when we want your opinion there noob, we’ll tell ya what it is! JK… welcome to the forum!