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Must admit this has got me excited:



Good pose, though I’d have recognized him a split second earlier had he stood like on the Emperor vs Horus painting.

Gorgeous as all Horus Heresy characters, but that staircase is a a brilliant addition. It reinforces the pose and makes him look like a charismatic conqueror, leading his men onward.

He looks like someone you’d like to follow.



It’s a pretty amazing mini. The face alone is just mindbendingly well done.


dont care much about the game, but the that mini looks awesome!!!


Maybe its just me, but while the face is an excellent sculpt. I am not really sure it is fitting and “evil” enough for the main evil protagonist of the whole 40k plot.

Surely the arch-baddy should look more, well, bad.

you look at this…

and then this…

who look evil?

Just my opinion, and maybe a paint job could rectify this.

Otherwise, breathtakingly awesome miniature.

Shame it is at the expense of new CD releases though.


@ Andy G: to be fair I think it’s supposed to represent Horus pre-Chaos up to Isstvaan. Compare it to the artwork of Horus vs the Emperor and there’s a noticeable lack of chaos-y ornaments that are present on the artwork. The Fulgrim mini on the other hand is specifically post-possession and from his duel against Ferrus Manus.

I expect in a few years they’ll release another, more Chaos-y Horus, probably as part of a diorama set with the Emperor and dead Sanguinius.


I just find it odd that they would decide to jump timeline.

Horus fell to Chaos before Fulgrim, and yet the make a “good-guy” model of him?

Although it would not surprise me for GW to release a number of the same character model, I thought FW might have been different.

Finally, forgive me if I am wrong, but Serpent’s Scales, Horus’s Terminator armour, was created by the Dark Mechanicum as a sign of their alliance to him, after his fall to chaos, meaning he would be the baddy we all know and love.

Thommy H:

It’s about time Forge World made a Space Marine figure.


I prefer my evil guys to be not quite so evil-looking. And it’s not like the Emperor is especially good himself.


Haven’t had a proper read of the HH books Forge World have done, but fairly sure the Legion lists in them represent pre-fall up to early Heresy, so it makes sense that they’d be making minis from that time period first, and even after they fell to Chaos, the primarchs probably wouldn’t look that corrupted early on - Horus didn’t go to bed looking like a paragon of nobility and wake up the next morning twisted and moustache twirling.

Plus Fulgrim got possessed by a daemon, which would probably speed up the physical corruption process compared to Horus who wasn’t and just had the backing of the gods who were corrupting/manipulating those around him.

And as I said, the Fulgrim mini represents a specific moment in a specific battle rather than a generic pose like the Horus mini looks to be, which in addition to the aforementioned possession is why his face looks so twisted and contorted into a visage of evilness.

Besides, the Fulgrim mini only looks more evil is stereotypical evil terms, like an early 20th century over the top comic book villain, whereas the Horus mini looks more charismatically evil, like more modern depictions of Lex Luthor at his corrupt corporate businessman best (I.e Fulgrim looks like he’s in it for ‘da Evulz’ whereas Horus looks like he’s still at the point where he’s misguided and acting out of Nobel ideas).