[Archive] Hot & Heavy / A team list for review


As you can tell, i dont post much. Mainly just lurk & read this forum daily.  However i believe i have an army list that will be fun to review & get some advice on.  It is a team list for next year�?Ts Adepticon Team Tournament.  In short it is 1200pts per army (so 2400 per side) with no lords.  Next year I plan on running Ogres & Chaos Dwarves, hence the name �?oHot & Heavy."  In addition, we�?Tre going for a competitive list, but not a F-U list optimized for pure death & no fun for your opponent.  W/out further ado, the list�?��?�

Chaos Dwarves

Daemonsmith lvl 2 w/dispel scroll (LoF)

25 IG w/Bnr & Mus, BB’s

Magma Cannon


6 K�?TDaai Fireborn


Bruiser w/enchanted shield, Crown of Cmd, & Warrior’s Bane

Bruiser BSB w/charmed shield & Rock Eye

6 IG w/FC, Lookout Gnoblar, & Std of Discpline




4 MF w/Bnr, Mus, & Dragonhide Std


Thanks in advance and i hope you had fun reading & thinking about the team list.  :cheers


I should have asked some questions…

1) Am i missing any key syngeries when combining these two forces?

2) What would you add or drop unit or magic item-wise?


I’m not sure what 20 IG are going to do in this set-up. Do you even need them? As a fighting unit they are fairly redundant when you’re teamed with Ogres; IG are too slow and not really good enough to help out much. Might be better to give them Fireglaives in this situation and use them to protect the war machines. The Daemonsmith can hide out in them too.

Similarly, 24 Hobgobs just won’t do anything. I think a reasonable sized unit of IG with shooters is the only Core necessary here, unless there is comp that says you have to take 2+ Core or some such?

I would try something like:

18-ish IG with Fireglaives and Daemonsmith (Lvl 2 with a scroll and maybe a Ruby Ring) deploy with the MC, DS nearby and the Ironblaster close too for added support. And then maybe a deep block of HGs to tarpit/break steadfast.

The Ironguts and Bruiser BSB take the centre with 6-8 Fireborn. Mournfang wherever they can threaten hardest. Bulls and Sabretusks are drops/chaff.

It’s a tough combo.


This is great advice. Thanks! My teammate is playing the CD portion and while i wasnt thinking necessarily what you suggested, this help me in getting him to change his hopefully.

What do you think about BB’s instead of FG’s on the IG unit?


Your comments got me thinking and i made many changes to the list above in the original post. What are your thoughts now?

do you think FG’s or BB’s on the IG would be better?

Also, i cant take any more K’daai as it would push me over the 50% mark for special


FGs/BBs are both good. I would take FGs in this set-up, for the range, but there are arguments in favour of both.

Maybe Banner of Eternal Flame on the Infernal Guard? Or Gleaming Pennant?

Charmed/Enchanted Shield on the Daemonsmith? Seems a shame not to for 5pts.

Looks good though :slight_smile: