[Archive] how do i attach photos onto my posts?


hi guys,

I am new to CD online, and am trying to put up a blog, but whenever I try to attatch some photos by going into browse, then selecting my photo, then clicking add attachment, it does nothing. I tried to go into preview post, but that shows no pictures, and it says that i am using 0 bytes.

can any of you sugges a way to upload the pics? anyhelp would be appreciated, thanks!


What I do is upload a picture to a photo hosting site (you can use photobucket, picassa, etc…)

Then, when you’re writing a post, there is an image button that you click, which will ask for the URL of the image you’d like to insert. Put in that URL. In your message/post, there will be

Time of Madness:

Are the photos already on the internet? Or are they still on your computer? If they are still on the computer then you will have to follow zobo’s advice. I use imageshack.com to upload pictures onto. It is free and easy to use.

Time of Madness


thanks for your comments. They are only on the computer, so i will follow zobo1942’s advice. thanks!

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to pyrostick,

thanks for showing me that tutorial, it was really helpful. I have now registered an account, and will be starting a blog shortly!