[Archive] How do you deal with enemy cannons?


Do you? And how?

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Well I love the Centaurs and the are fast, pair those up with 2/3 cheap as wolf hero’s and you can start taking them out in turn 2. If I have a hellcannon/Deathrocket and a deamonsmith and i’m facing empire with 2+ cannons I might even try to shoot them as the reroll gives quite some acuracy.

in general, avoid a gunline shout out, advance everything; they panic and just wipe them in combat (:


We got quite a little toolbox to deal with enemy artillery!

There’s the cavalry option. Couple of Khans (3 S5 attacks on charge with spear) works on the frail armies, otherwise like Bolg says bring in the Bullcentaurs.

There’s the artillery option. I’ve only really had problems facing Hellcannon and Ironblaster. 2 Deathshriekers with a Daemonsmith or two deals with them in no time with double demolition shots.

There’s improvising. I’ve sendt the Sorcerer-Prophet on a flying carpet to deal with my enemies Ironblaster a couple of times now, last time I used that strategy I did 14 wounds on it with Ashstorm and Burning Wrath.


As I’ve just stated in another thread: Cannons are a broken unit in 8th edition. They should be strength 8, with an option to become strength 10 for more poins and a -1 on misfire chart. Plus you can’t hide from them (cannon ball bouncing through forests sucks).

What the answer to taking out canons with the LoA list?

Khans on wolves. They will get around the enemy forces or make them waste cannon balls. Either is fine really.

We have our daemonsmiths. The Magma Cannons is bad against cannons as it is only strength 5 and d3 wounds. But the deathshrieker, hell cannon and dreadquake will take them out with hits. Give them some daemonsmith re-rolls. They work especially well with the deathshriekers.

We can turn our machines hellbound. The extra toughness means nothing, but the extra wound is amazing. It’s a lot of points to sink into a machines, but statistics should give them an extra round, now that they have 4 wounds. On an Iron Demon is extra great! Half the time it’ll take a cannon 3 turns to take of 8 wounds. And that’s if it hits.

In super large games - the lore of shadows works wonders against warmachines. But a Lamassu is a pretty expensive choice.

Build lots of fences/walls for your terrain! It’s the must fun (as in demands tactics from players) pieve of terrain in 8th edition. Cannon balls cannot bounce through them. So put you machines against them, making thee chance of enemy cannons balls go over their target a lot higher. Our machines don’t care about fences.

Fences are also great as the are a danger to horse and chariots - but infantry ignores it.


Thank you very much folks. On my latest tournament I tried to shoot out warmachines with Daemonsmith + Deathshrieker/Dreadquake, but only managed to remove a Repeater Bolt Thrower. The Khans were as always targeted as the highest threat on the table, because people hate how small distraction units and single models can cause havoc for your army. Fire magic was of course woefully insufficient for removing T7 artillery.

Considering my dice statistics (bad luck is the start of it) I’ll need at least two Deathsthriekers in the army… But that cause great problems, since it might make me break the comp limits which exist for almost all Swedish tournaments. I’ll be back about it soon.

Keep the tips coming. :slight_smile:


I think the answer to cannons is dreadquakes and hellcannons (needing a 2+ instead of a 3+ means alot) Additionally if you have a k’daaii, bcentaurs, khans, and tauruk all heading for their warmachines someone is going to slip through. Likely your K’daaii dies and everything else gets to rampage through the crew. In my one enjoyable experience against a dwarf gunline had something like 60 thunderers 2 organ guns 3 cannons 6 bolt throwers… my infernal guard won me the draw by getting into CC and routing and breaking a thunderer unit, while a lone Bull centaur champion and khan finished off 4 warmachines.

Additionally you can take a flying death prophet and hide him behind centaurs and k’daaiis and throw how d,magic to melt them.


I use khans or the Hellcannon to deal with the cannons.


2 deathshriekers with a Daemonsmith each then :slight_smile:

Other than that… How about an infernal castellan on carpet? Use it like a 175 point eagle ^^

Fuggit Khan:

There’s also the Daemon Flask…it’s a bit of a one trick pony, limited to 18 inches, can only be carried by a Sorceror Prophet and won’t work well at all against most armies (such as WoC). I think the biggest drawback is it costs 100 pts, which leaves your Sorceror Prophet woefully unprotected in terms of magic items.

But, against Empire/Dwarf gun lines, chariots and the accursed Casket of Souls it can win you the game. And you can use it at the start of any players turn…so use it when your opponent is ready to use their chariots/steam tanks/whatever to charge into you.

Combined with Lore of Death ‘doom and darkness’, the forced panic tests from the Daemon Flask can potentially wipe out a Skaven army in a single turn…not that you should do that :hashut

It’s an ‘all or nothing’ gamble…but can make for a interesting game by essentially forcing both players to adopt new strategies to use/counter it.

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

I use Khans for that.

Hellcannons and deathshriekers are also solid.

Problem is our warmachines are real pricey and we may only get a few shots before the enemy is in combat. If we use our warmachines to take out cannons they arn’t thinning the enemy ranks or monster threats that will be far more dangerous once combat is reached.

Cheeky purple sun down a gunline from a death taurus prophet is also a solid tactic. Int 0 means they are toast.