[Archive] how do you deal with fanatics?


i keep getting 60% of my troops killed by fanatics and if any of the fanatics miss i cant charge, so do you have any tactics agienst fanatics,

ps, how to deal with giants? with the cd monster ld they can withstand most thing but my enemy keeps getting yell and bawl

that makes my units flee automaticly.


place a unit of hobgoblins directly on top of the fanatic, =20point sacrifice for a 25point fanatic, sounds like a fair trade

marchblocking and bolt throwers take care of gaints

also using a unit or 2 of 10 hobgoblin archers is a solution to both problems.


Blunderbusses are good for killing fanatics with hogoblins to activate them however bolt throwers are the weapon of choice for giant slaying :hat

Edit. You beat me grupax :smiley:

What he said ,archers are good


ps, how to deal with giants? with the cd monster ld they can withstand most thing but my enemy keeps getting yell and bawl
that makes my units flee automaticly.

Teach your opponent the rules!
Yell & Bawl means you loose by 2, it is not the same as fleeing automatically!

Alan the evil:

just a couple of ideas:

1-let’s get out fanatics in early game with cheap units of disposable hobbos
2-let’s get out fanatics in early game with the spell steel of shade of lore of shadow

don’t worry to much if they’re out and you can’t charge:
when they are alredy out you can kill them enough easily with blunderbusses
and with a balance list of CD you don’t need to charge fastly… you have war machine, fast unit’s for flanks (BC and wolf rider), magic and great taurus who can work very well vs goblin to compell your opponent to don’t have a waiting strategy (and to have terryfing terror tests)

and remember that fanatics, if they hit buildings, gonna die: use scenaries like defense

giants are easily killed by bolt throwers


There are several other ways to deal with fanatics in addition to thoose already posted

1: Use terrain and a lor don a flying mount - if there is a handy wood around that you can land behind but will be within 8" of the fanatic unit do so and watch them sil of in the opposite direction

2: Use a hobgoblin hero on a wolf and just charge him forward or use the wood tactic as above

3:EarthShakers - this half all movement so that means fanatics are going 2d6 / 2  ( average of 3.5 inches) making them much more of a threat to your opponent than to you

4: Kill / panic the parent unit 1st - when Night Goblins flee they loose the fanatics and they have poor leadership at best so a few Earthshaker / Death rocket hits will soon have them running

Oh and to kill a giant - boltthrowers, Deathrockets and earthshakers or lord on taurus are all good options as is a unit of 6 black orcs (as long as they pass the terror test)


as is a unit of 6 black orcs (as long as they pass the terror test)

:o what...?

How do you figure that?

Beside the Terror and the fact the giant is likely the one doing charging... with only 4 BOs in contact you'll be lucky to get a couple of wounds in even if they giant fluffs attacks completely.


Sorry I should have explained better :wink:

I use them in a small unit which people ignore which results in them often being able to get in a charge due to a failed charge by my opponent ( something I am quite good at causing) and as long as they pass the terror test they are quite good at killing of big things that have already had some damage done to them especially as apart from bull centaurs they are the only access to strength 6 troops we have


thanks for all the tips i’ll start scrapping upp hobbgobbs right away and ill try to make a pair of bolt throwers, (allready got 2 death rockets) so thanks aigen i’ll let u know if i win :hat off


You would probably be better served to completely dump the rockets and go with lots of bolt throwers. If you drop two rockets and replace that with 4 bolt throwers you will probably come out ahead and have enough points left for 2 10 man naked hobgoblin units to draw out the fanatics.


Units of naked hobgoblins equals fanatic magnets…

Kera foehunter:

a slayer doomseeker they get first strike!!

Captain Crayon:

I’m a long time orc player and there is a couple of ways opponents have dealt with fanatics and giants that have been very effective…

First things first, Fanatics

Pull them out early on with a cheap unit of fast cavalry before the parent units can get accross the board to you and throw them into your lines. if you can work it so the fanatics are thrown forwards between the armies all the better, because now i either have to keep advancing towards the randomly moving loonies, stand back or try and move around them.

They are killed if they run into a forest or some other difficult or impassable terrain, so using your cavalry to get them thrown out near a terrain feature increases their risk of running into it. Forests seem to be magnets for my fanatics :stuck_out_tongue:

if they’re buzzing about infront of your units shoot them with arrows. With a unit shooting at them and no armour save they never last long. Bolt throwers and the like are better being shot at giants.


If you have access to them, poisoned attacks. One of my regular opponents has great success with lizardman skinks using blow pipes. they have a pretty good range, multiple shots and being that a giant is a large target it’s +1 to hit. So he’s hitting on 6’s, and every 6 is an auto wound and the giant has no armour. Failing poisoned attacks things like bolt throwers, cannons, rock lobbers, magic and even arrows & handguns (if you get lucky with your wound rolls) are good at whacking giants or at least knocking a few wounds off.

As an orc player i’ve always found that opponents are more worried about what they are capable of, and this usually doesnt reflect the damage they do. they can both to a hell of alot of damage if you’re lucky (or unlucky depending on which side you’re on…)

I’ve never had a great deal of success with fanatics, and mainly include them for the character of it (cause lets face it, a random moving crazy goblin with a ball and chain is pretty cool). I’ve found i need to be pretty lucky with my movement and hits rolls to get their points back. Most of the time i just end up having black orcs killed by them :frowning:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

What about launching Bull Centaurs against the Giant?

What about Hobgoblin wolf riders with bows?

Captain Crayon:

Bull centaurs are probably a pretty good choice as far as what cavalry to hit him with, because of their high leadership to pass that initial terror test. If they don’t kill him he’s hard to break being stubborn on Ld 10, so if he’s not dead you could be in trouble, and if you do kill him in close combat he might fall on your leftover lads and squash them.

Wolfriders with bows i reckon would be helpful too…

the no armour on the giant makes him pretty vulnerable to lower strength attacks seeing as you only have to roll to wound him.


Blunderbuss and Hobgob archers seem to work. Also any D6 magic missile for when you’re really nervous.

Though once I get some units of lightly equipped or naked Hobbos I would not hesitate to march them onto and park on a fanatic just to kill it. I know. I’m heartless. :slight_smile:


Bull Centaurs will struggle to kill a unwounded giant on the charge - with 4 in base contact (1 being a champion) they will on average hit it 6 times and wound it 4 times - leaving it with a couple of wounds left - it will then more than likely do them significant damage in combat. And will strike first if there is a subsequent round of combat as the Bull Centaurs have great weapons.

Bolt Throwers are the premier way of dealing with a giant - magic missiles can also help - then finish it off with any unit capable of putting a few wounds on it - but watch out for it falling over onto you.


You would also be surprised how often regular archers wound a giant. While the BT is far more effective due to higher strength and D3 wounds, I can’t count how many times a regular bow shot delivered the last wound. Never underestimate volume fire!

Magic missiles work very nicely too. That’s for sure, again it goes back to volume.


What about launching Bull Centaurs against the Giant?

What about Hobgoblin wolf riders with bows?

Tarrakk Blackhand
I use wolf riders with nothing added to pull fanatics.. then i kill the fanatics with ranged fire..


If you can find terrain without 8" of them, you can just run something in to the terrain and pull em out. Even if they roll 8+, they’ll just die when they hit the terrain anyway. Fanatics are difficult to earn their points back with. Even if you happen to wind up with a pricey unit of core in their midst, they only wound on average twice. Even with Blunderbuss midgits, that’s less than their points cost. These guys shouldn’t really be a concern considering how many other ways you can get rid of them, and even if you mess it up, they have to get REALLY lucky to get a big swing out of them.

I would never charge a giant with bull centaurs, unless it only had a wound or two left. Even then I’d be concerned that the giant would fall on me and cost me 42 points. Hobgoblin archers, bolt throwers, or a bullseye from either of the stone throwers are ideal, or failing that hit him with a unit of naked hobgoblins and cross your fingers. I’d rather they get served and tie up the giant for a turn or two than risk my bull centaurs to it, and they’re not unlikely to hurt him a bit in the process.