[Archive] how do you make rules correct?


when you make your own rules, how do you get the points to be correct? the only way i can see if you dont know the points-system is to copy other rules, for an example give a mecanical mount the exactly same rules and points as an other mount. please tell how you can make the points correct or how the pointssystem works if you know that

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Thommy H:

Most things are fairly obvious. If you have enough Armies books, it’s not hard to get a feel for what certain abilities cost. For example, killing blow is worth 25 points, and negating armour saves is worth 50 points. So an easy way to create special characters or something is to replicate existing magic items or abilities. Want your guy to have +1 Wound? Well, the old Mark of Nurgle used to do that, but it also caused Fear, so find how much that would cost from another item and subtract it from the cost of the MoN…

Of course, that doesn’t always produce a balanced result. You can only use that kind of thing as a guide. Price things as close as you can using this “formula” method, and then tweak and playtest and compare to existing troops to get something that’s closer to the real value.

And the truth is that points values are always subjective. Even for GW, it’s more art than science.