[Archive] How do you sculpt a beard?


Right, i’ve been through 500 points of CD (got stolen)another 500 points (Left on a train)

but now I got round to converting the next bunch (And preparing to have another thing lost) I just found out

I completly forgot how to sculpt a beard. Help?


what kind of beard, one with dreads or a normal beard, for the dread beard you can look https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5711, as for the normal beard just put a bid of GS on the model and draw lines very close to each other


A dread beard

but I can’t use Xanders video since I don’t have the attention span…and my computer dosen’t run them but part one is more important

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Look closely and try to imitate, then!


Question that fits in here. My greenstuff sausages always fall off or don’t stick to well the face of the dwarf…is my yellow/blue ratio off, my plastic is also that crappy new stuff that is really shiny and kinda slick…suggestions?


You could try out Hotstuff’s Hat and Beard Conversion Guide from HoH:



Washing the plastic with soap might help. GS should stick to most surfaces though unless it is particularly oily, even 2-year old GS will.

Cutting holes or scratching the surface you want to stick the GS to helps too, as the putty can be pushed into the depressions and get a better purchase there. I sometimes use GS/BS to pin models together and find that holes/scratches help out.

In the case of a CD dread beard, I shave off any existing beard and leave the surface rough. I place a sausage of GS, rolled somewhat evenly, but with one tapered end. The tapered end goes on the face end of the dwarf and then using a knife dab little cuts along one side of the sausage, then alternately on the other side, a la Xander’s BFSP and other conversions. I think I finish up the beard a bit differently. I cut very slight lines across the beard (side to side) to add more “hairy” detail. When I’m done, I use a dentist’s scaling pick to press a hole at the bottom of the beard cylinder, so it has a tubular end.

Or course, not many of my CD beards have been seen, so you might not want to listen to what I’ve said…

Kera foehunter:

I just saw it on wiki (how to sculpt chaos dwarfs beards)



Part 3!


Regardless of whether or not you are doing a curly beard of a traditional dwarfy one, GS rolls are essential. In fact its quite easy to do. Stick them on the front of the model. Sculpt down for traditional dwarf beards. Nick parts out on either side if doing a curly beard.

Biggest part to help you most all Minty. Stop leaving your CD models around. :slight_smile:


@Dark Trooper

Are you using oil or anything to keep the tools wet?  I’d never advise to do that for general sculpting, just use water/ spit.

Another reason might be that either you’ve got too much blue (or not enough yellow), or that you’re leaving it too long to sculpt the beard.  Greenstuff is the most sticky once its been mixed, so get stuck in right away!

Have to echo Willmark’s suggestion about not losing them Minty.  I think I’d jump off a bridge if I lost my CD army, after the time and effort that’s gone into it. :wink:


well, the first 500 was stolen, that wasn’t my fault.

And, I think I have got it, my new plan uses wires