[Archive] How do you sculpt details?

Lord maklai:

Hey everyone, I’ve had my third go at scratch sculpting a chaos dwarf! But I’ve come to a…stalemate…kind of thing…:frowning: I’ve created the basic body given him chain mail and given him a fur lined cloak (which looks pretty cool) But am at a bit of a loss of how to do his head arms and boots.

I was planning to have his boots as metal detailed greaves, and hoping to have cool sculpted patterns on his gauntlets and helmet, but every attempt i have made has resulted in failure! I really need help can some of you pro sculptors out there help?

(bear in mind i use super sculpey, i have to bake it to make it harden/cure.)


I’m assuming the problem is just that the fiddliness of the patterning you want is proving difficult to achieve?

Personally I detest super sculpey, finding it neither super nor particularly sculpey. However, I am exceptionally picky so don’t take that as anything beyond personal preference.

Fiddly stuff is always an absolute pain, and sadly there isn’t really a secret technique known only to ninjas of sculpting that will solve the problem. Are you wanting patterning like the Chaos Space Marine-style armour trim, or something else? I would first sculpt the boots and gauntlets plain, then move onto the detailing when they’re dry, so you have a firm base on which to work.

For swirly patterns, I would roll out a very thin strip of greenstuff (or super sculpey if you prefer) and attach it carefully, starting at one end, and lay it on where you want the pattern to be. Then tidy the edges with a sculpting tool. if you want a flat strip of metal (like the csm trim) then this would be the time to flatten it and square the edges off. There isn’t really any other advice to offer beyond “try to be neat”, as something simple done neatly looks better than something complex done untidily. As a rule of thumb, you always need less greenstuff than you think.

Post some pics if you’re still having trouble, it may help.

Lord maklai:

Ok thanks, as soon as i find the camera i’ll post pics

Kera foehunter:

what i do is work in layers !! make your helmet and boots then when it dry add the next layer

never try to do to much !! i still smush my figures when i push my self to hurry

practice on some part of your plastic figures you have laying around this helps


Hm yeah, the basic advice is allways: Be patient! Use just a little bit of putty and let it dry, than make another layer. maybe putty which dries in the air is better for the small, detailled work. You should also look at the Cool mini or not forum, there are a lot of sculpting advices. And yep, post photos ^^