[Archive] How long has the site been back?


Hey guys, Long time no see! I just checked on the offchance CDO was back and it appears it is :cheers What I want to know is, how did everyone hear? Is there any way we were all notified which I somehow missed? Just wondering incase the site ever goes down again.

Oh, and happy 2008!


Wondering when you would show up again. Welcome back.

Xander sent out an email when the site was restored. Came back up about 3-4 weeks ago maybe…


Its back hooray ,i have been suffering withdrawel for ages

I am back hooray for me;)


Thanks Wilmark, just checked my account and I hadn’t recieved the email. Probablly got filtered. Damn


NP dude. Be sure to check my blog there is a small homage to my buddy AGPO in my recently completed BCs. Thus far no one ha spotted it.

Also AGPO and Canix. Almost everything is back up and running; Wiki I’d still not however. There was also a regristration glitch when Xander applied a fix for not registrants. Wiped out post count since the site was restored, no big deal, except for me! :slight_smile:

Lastly don’t forget Artisans and Golden Hat V which just started.

Kera foehunter:

wow!!! i bet the boar centaurs are done .

welcome back Agpo

Hashut’s Blessing:

Welcome back. Mr. Xander sent a forum-wide e-mail to whichever e-mail address you used to register. It’s possible it went into junk/spam. You’ve got about 3-4 weeks of catching up to do now! Enjoy :wink: