[Archive] How long have you been GW gaming?


title says it all, how many years have you been gaming with GW miniatures?


Longer than most puny mortals have trod the earth. Well, 19 years.


I started back in 1995 with gretchins and some classic chaos warriors.

good times :smiley:

miniatures painted in two colours with old air fix tins. ahhhh memories! :smiley:


i’ve been playing for 11 or 12 years now, starting with the RH lizardmen list.

i’ve also used paints quite simular to the airfix ones… although i tried to use at least 3 or 4 colours :P, i think i still have some of those models somewhere.

i can still remember that a friend and me went to a store once a month to buy a blister of models… it took me ages to collect a full unit of metal iron spearmen, good times indeed :slight_smile:


I bought by first GW miniatures in 1991, and my first Ral Partha miniatures in 1983. As far as gaming goes, I’ve played a few games of LoTR and a couple of Adeptus Titanicus. I just read fluff, army and rulebooks - I’ve never been able to find the time for anything else. Or the space, for that matter.

However, I quite enjoyed making my first peice of scenery - ever - for the artisan contest


Maybe I’ll continue to explore the more hands-on approach…


looking at the results so far we have some hard core gamers in here :smiley:

-not to say I didn’t already know that.


Somewhere along the 4th edition I played my first game. lets say 1993/94 been playing Orc and Gobbos for 4 editions only started to ply dwarfs at the start of 7th and Chaos dwarfs later on in 7th.

Thommy H:

Started in 1998 with the 2nd Edition 40K box set, with a few years out from, like, 2001 to 2004, I guess.


If we don’t count HeroQuest (which would have been 1989), then it wasn’t really until 2002 or 2003 when I got my first copy of Warhammer Quest. All down hill from there.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Got my first white dwarf about 20 years ago :o and collected my first army (undead) somewhere around 1992-93 or so. Damn I’m old!


I’m not sure when I started with Heroquest and Space Crusade, but a few years later I got the 4th ed Warhammer box set just after it came out. Stopped playing around 5th ed but picked back up again with 6th ed when RH came out.


Mordheim when I was 10 or 11, didn’t pick up on 40k til I was 14 (as in, I didn’t play it until then) and Fantasy I started when I was 17.

And I’m 20 now.


I started with the first edition of Warhammer back in 83 and kept up with it until I went to college and couldn’t afford it anymore, sometime around 1990. When I had a job, I didn’t actually get back into it until 2003 or so. Since then, I’ve been pretty constant with it.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

1-2. That’s when my store really started picking up on it!


This year!

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My son and only 3 years, though he’s corrupted by those goody two shoes relatives of ours.


Started at the age of 12. My first mini’s where the free ones that came with the white dwarf and the metal jungle fighter boxset. :smiley:

I played 40k 2nd edition first and later played 4th edition warhammer.

So many good memories! :smiley:

Da Crusha:

I started when I was 13 or 14, so that would be 14 or 15 years. started playing dwarfs and then moved onto lizzies and then Vampire counts and right now Im into Warriors of chaos and chaos dwarfs.


Since 93 :slight_smile:

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Started in the mid '80s - so something like 25+ years - but had a break for 4-5 years (95-99 or so).

looking at the results so far we have some hard core gamers in here :smiley:

-not to say I didn’t already know that.

And don’t get me mixed up with the hard core games. Hard core games are those that plays lots and lots of games. I can find several gamers that ‘only’ been into the game for 8-10 years - that are a hell of a lot more ‘hard core’ then I am. Think I had less than 10 7th ed games - and haven’t even tried 8th yet :~