[Archive] How many black library books do you own?


Just a random question.

I’ve got most of the Gotrek & felix books to date (bar the anthology and the random bar fight one), so 13?
Sigmar the first book
Sigmar all 3 in one big hardback


The Dreadfleet book (which doesn’t really count, but anyway)

Age of Vengeance (not read yet)

Horus Rising (just finished)

and the reason for this thread is because I’ve just put through an order on amazon for 6 more books…

5 horus heresy ones (Galaxy in Flames, False Gods, First Heretic, A Thousand Sons and Fulgrim). I figured I’d pick what appears to be the best of them and ignore the rest, I’m interested but not that interested.

Also Throne of Chaos, an older Warhammer book.

I’ll be buying the 2 new Gotrek & felix books when they come out soon as well. I might pick up the Tyrion and Teclis trilogy when Bill’s done as well.

So I’ve been thinking I actually have what feels to me like a lot of books… But is it really? Maybe not compared to some of you?

Incidently, I looked up Palace of the Plague Lord (as it has a CD in there) and it’s going for something like £240 new!?!?


well, i have the Darkblade books, the old Blood Angels comic book called Bloodquest, the inquisitor Jaq Draco triology, the 40k Novel Farseer, the Warhammer Novels Guardians of the Forest, Mark of Chaos and Grey Seer. Well i own Dreadfleet as well.
And as a special goody i have the rare book “the loathsome ratmen and all their vile kin” a very nice Skaven background book.

they are all awesome…

Even if i am able to read the english novels i would prefere more bl books translated into German.

im planing to read Temple of the Serpent this year. Has someone already read it? Dont spoiler just tell me if it was good. :wink:

I really can give no advice what to read because i have a ton of books. When i was younger i read the battletech and magic the gathering novels. They are great too. But since a few years i nearly have spare time to read such kind of books. Now i am more over to literary, scientific and political books…

I just finished the divine comedy would recomment that now. :wink:


I’d like to try and get a new copy of Thanquol’s Doom eventually.

Thommy H:


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I’ve only recently started reading Warhammer novels. I’ve just finished the three Gotrek & Felix omnibusses. I’m awaiting the release of the fourth omnibus and am considering reading something else in the meantime. I was thinking of getting the Ulrika books, but I don’t know if they’re any good.

Come to think of it, I won a novel about Slaanesh cultists in the Empire a good while ago. I won the book in a painting competition. The book was rather crap… it makes me fear there are more crappy Black Library books… Any suggestions on what I should get to follow up the Gotrek & Felix novels?

Da Crusha:

I have the wulfrik the wanderer book which was great. the huge genevieve book, only read the first book in it, not a huge fan. the Dwarfs book and only began reading the first book in that one. and one other book that features dark elves, not sure Ill get around to reading it, I won it as a random tournament prize.

so 4 books.


I have some of them.



None. I tried reading some of the early ones I borrowed from the library but they weren’t very good, not bothered since.


Technically none now as I’ve given the Gotrek series, the first 3 Space wolf books to my son and other random ones to our clubs “grab a book, if you want it” box


Not as many as i have old DnD novels :slight_smile:


I have a few, mostly Bill King novels, as I think he’s one of the only BL-writers that actually writes something worth my while.

So I have the first 3 Gotrek & Felix omnibusses and the first two Tyrion and Teclis novels. I also have Sword of Vengeance and Sword of Justice, Wulfrik and Sigvald. I have a very old version of Konrad (which sports some rather nice artwork in it).

Books in the 40k-universe that I have standing on my shelf are the first two Space Wolf omnibusses, Angels of Vengeance, and the two Horus Heresy books about the Dark Angels.

That’s about it if I’m not mistaken…

Oh yeah, I also have the comic about the 40k orc pilots, but I can’t remember the name of it (was it DeffSkwadron?).


Some, liked the space wolf books and Flight of the Eisenstein best.

@ ViLe: I didn`t really like the Temple of the Serpent, have you bought it yet? If not I can sent it to you and you return it or buy it if you like it.


I have a mighty zero. I have a hard time reading. I can really only sit through HP lovecraft and the like.


I have a crap-ton of black library novels. It would be easier to count the ones that I don’t have than the ones that I do. It is easily 100 books. The recent BL stuff is mostly the Horus Heresy.


@ ViLe: I didn`t really like the Temple of the Serpent, have you bought it yet? If not I can sent it to you and you return it or buy it if you like it.
that would be very nice. I will send you a pm. :)
I have a mighty zero. I have a hard time reading. I can really only sit through HP lovecraft and the like.
well, Lovecraft ist the god of wierd fiction.. i wrote my term paper about his and Poes stories to get permission to study. I have them all in some miscellanies.


Blimey now you�?Tre asking.

Unfortunately I�?Tm at work right now so I can�?Tt refer to my book shelves but from the top of my head:-

All the Horus Heresy ones to date (so however many that is)

All the Malus Darkblade books

The Inquisitor EisenhornTrilogy

I think about 4 or 5 of the Gotrek books I�?Tm not really sure.

Space marine (The Imperial Fists novel with Zoats, Squats and Cyborg Ambuls)

A whole bunch of old stuff including Beasts in Velvet

The Bloodbowl Anthology


The Bloody Handed


Priests of Mars

Legion of the Damned

I know there are others but I can�?Tt think right now.

I have been enjoying the Horus Heresy series immensely but now the books are being released in hard back at £20 a time I�?Tm not sure I�?Tll continue to buy them when they�?Tre released, I may just wait until they are in paper back.




Quite a few.

I bought a bunch of random singles in a 10 year BL sale. Mostly I buy the omnibuses though. With maybe 20 omnibuses that’s an 50-60 books plus a few stray singles, all of it paperback.

Since my friends and I share the books I don’t have all. A friend got all the HH and Gaunt’s Ghosts, and the Gotrek&Felix so I’ve never needed to get those.

Blue in VT:

I have one…and that’s one too many! Terrible…




Zero zipp

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