[Archive] How often do you visit CDO?


How often dose everyone here visit CDO?


As someone who was up (stupidly) at 3am last night (btw sorry for the way too agruementitive posts), my answer is more akin to lots.

I wish there was an option for on and off but really heavily visting up to everyday when visting fequently. I went with every-other day anyway even though I’ve been having to do other stuff just reciently and just before that it was everyday and probably will be again for a while.


Im really only active on here and wargamerau so its not that hard to visit is everyday, now if it came down to how many times a day to you visit, it would probly be something like every 2 hours depending on what else im doing.

Da Crusha:

where is the 5 times a day option?


More frequently than any other forum.


Hey I saw no ‘every time the pc is on’ option. :slight_smile:


I go in periods, and when I´m in a active period I visit several times each day, but when I´m in a less active period it can goes weeks with out me checking in.


I vist about 7-8 times a day some times more using my iphone when i am on the move or computer at home and work :slight_smile:


If I am making Chaos Dwarfs several times a day although I am also gone for ‘periods’ of time…

Pyro Stick:

Every day, every few hours usually.


3-4 times a day, on breaks between work.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I try for every day and it used to be a case of once a week, but for almost the entirety of that week, lol :stuck_out_tongue: Still, with a gf about, getting annoyed if I don’t pay enough attention to the real world, I’m not on as often, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know wether to be glad or frightened that we all spend so much time of this site.


I don't know wether to be glad or frightened that we all spend so much time of this site.
It is worrying.


I visit the forum every day, always if are not exams…:mad


Most work days (on my breaks).


I pretty much do ever 5-6 hours.


I visit for at least a quick look most days…


every day… I don’t post very much reply, but i read all…

Knight Of Awsome:

Once every couple of months…