[Archive] How tall is a goblin?


I’m going to be making a scale model of a goblin soon to go with the dwarf slayer I’m making.  The slayer is 47mm (just happens to be the exact same size as a GW ogre, what I originally intended it for :)), so how tall should I make the goblin? I might make it into a night goblin, but so I don’t cloud the scale issue I’d like it just for a regular goblin.

The original plan was to make an anatomical study of an ogre (potentially for casting), but it came out really well and I figured I might as well use it for golden daemon.

Thommy H:

Probably about 35 - 40 mm.


Has anyone ever tried sculpting with a shrinkable clay? I don’t know much about it but you make it then bake it and it shrinks to 1/3 size. Would that work for sculpting? Could you get more detail?


Wouldn’t comparing two 28mm scale models give you the answer you seek?


I considered that, but then its whether to go with the smaller night goblins or the regular goblins? They changed the scale.

Thommy H:

Just pick one then.

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I considered that, but then its whether to go with the smaller night goblins or the regular goblins?  They changed the scale.

Are you making a Night Goblin or common goblin?

Pick the one you are going to sculpt! :~

I'd say the NG's are smaller on purpose actually. Living in caves = stunted growth, no? Just look at Dwarfs! :hat off

Either way going with the most recent seems to be most correct, ie NGs, the 6th ed Goblins are freakishly large compared to current and earlier editions aren't they.


I’d say the nightgoblin’s hat would come up to same level as the slayer’s mohawk… meaning that a nightgoblin would be a tad bit shorter than the dwarf… say the top of teh goblins head would be about teh level of the dwarf’s nose…


As long as it looks like a goblin then I don’t think the size is going to matter that much. Goblins come in all sizes anyway.


The top of a mohawk is not the top of a dwarf.

Similarly, the top of a night goblin’s hat is not the top of the goblin.

Paradoxically, the top of a CD’s Hat IS the top of the dwarf, since they are inseparable!!!


Naaah, your avatar proves otherwise :hat off


The hatmet is still in his hand. :slight_smile:

Also, people judge a dwarf by his deeds.
People judge a Chaos Dwarf by his deeds… and the size of his Hat!!

Its just the way things are.


I wouldn’t have thought Goblins would be much shorter at all than a Dwarf, to be honest, just more weedy.

Kera foehunter:

make him eye to eye to give the night goblin a far fight !!