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Okay, I know everyone has differing ideas about beardyness, I thought I’d create a thread so that those who like to push army lists, rules and fluff to the extreme and who think “spirit of the game” is something you get in an undead army can share beardy ideas amongst themselves without rebuke, whilst those who disagree can tut quietly in the background at the sheer wrongness of it all. Remember, we are chaos dwarfs, and beards are good things!


I would imagine that the 2 for one bolt throwers and dirt cheap slaves would be a good place to start on the cheese front.

Finding someone to play against would be a bit more of a challenge…


Entire hobgoblin army, spending 200 ish points on hobgoblin heroes and bolt throwers, in a 1000pt game that leaves you with 800 points to spend, from which you could buy 400 naked hobgoblins. Make it as 1 unit 100 models wide and 4 ranks deep. see what your opponent says then lol.


To completely cheese it (and bearding is just cheese justified), I’d go with a list like this:

CD Hero tooled up with protection and in a large CD warriors unit.

Another 10 CD warriors unit to lurk far from everyone else.

8 BTs, 2 Earthshakers.

The rest taken up with Hobgoblins and maybe some Ogres.

Then just call it a slave army.


well i wouldn’t spend rares on ogre…

id use the list above… but max magic aswell…


Lots of high level sorcerers and lots and lots of hobgoblins . . . sounds like an undead army that doesnt cause fear . . .


try having in a 2000-2999pt game a lvl 4 sorcerer lord, 3 level 2 sorcerers (with whatever equipement you think is necessary, i cant be bothered thinking of any at the moment), 3 10-15 man units of warriors (15 if with blunderbusses, otherwise just 10 man units of heay armour and shield warriors), 8 bolt throwers, 2 earthshakers and the rest of the points used on hobgoblins :idea cheasy or what?


Maxed out magic (except maybe a BSB instead of a level2) and and silly amount of artillery backed up with expendable troops.

The Flying Beaver:

Sorceror lord, 3 sorcerors, 3 units of 10 Blunderbusses, 8 bolt throwers, 2 earthshakers, and as many units of naked hobgoblins as you can fit in.


2 dark emisarys, 4 bolt throwers, high sorcerer, sorcerer, lots of blunderbuss chaos dwarves

Master Vampire:

rules and fluff to the extreme and who think "spirit of the game" is something you get in an undead army can share beardy ideas amongst themselves without rebuke,
Hey! Don't tempt thee Spirit Hosts.

4 RBTs, Core Silver Helm, 4 Mages army at 2k that call themselves HE is pretty much it for me. Though, I haven't got much to fear from SH, being dead myself.:hat off


Beardiest Tzeentch army I ever fielded - in our clubs “battle of the beards” 3,000pt tourne - Two Lords of Tzeentch in chariots of Tzeentch, 2 Exalted Champions of Tzeentch in Chariots of Tzeentch, two dark emmisaries, 10 Screamers, 2x 6 Marrauder Horsemen, 10 Screamers, LOTS of Horrors (two units to start with, plus all those I get from Indigo Fire of Change and Horror Magic) The look on my opponent’s face when he’d put down two 2nd Generation Slaan and a horde of Skinks was priceless. T2 against Indigo fire just doesn’t work.


t2 doesnt work very well against anything . . . . possibly halfling infantrymen.


t2 doesnt work very well against anything . . . . possibly halfling infantrymen.

It is normally compensated for by the sheer numbers you can get, unless you have something which hits every model in the unit like Indigo fire or blunderbusses
This is just sad

baba yaga
Its simply a discussion of a differnet approach to the game. If you don't have anything constructive to contribute then don't bother posting


Yeah, those bolt throwers are awfully cheasy. More so if you could give them higher ballistic skill. What is it now? 2? Yeah, hitting on 5s base doesn’t help. Its all about the Death Rockets for me. But I suppose that wouldn’t be beardy. After all, with 8 bolt throwers costing 30 points apeice, you’re bound to hit once.


lord on taurus, bullcentaur bsb, 2xcaddies, 2x25 hobgoblins, 3x15 blunderbuss, 8 bolt throwers and 2 earthshakers.


ninja, bolt throwers hit on 4 hobgobbos are BS 3, ive seen what 8 bolt throwers can do, and its not pretty. My ideas are in line with a lot that already been said, but id DOW two great cannons for my rare choices and the two core choices would be a 4 lines of 6 blunderbussers each hehe. So much shoosting… Any remaining points would be spent on fully loaded sorcers with lore of death (max potential for magic missles) and give one of the sorcers walking death- a fear causing wall of goblins in just hilarious, especially when its 100 wide by 4 deep lol