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Pyro Stick:

UPDATE: So it turns out that the european branches of Chessex cant make custom dice so ive removed that from the rest of the post. This site might be able to make custom dice if they had the design but i dont think they have the same range or amount of colours available for custom dice as chessex does: Special dice

Since the first order was such a success and a lot of people have emailed me since asking if they could get some dice i decided to make this guide so that people can organise orders themselves.

If you are just going to order more of the dice that were designed for the first order (see thumbnails below) then you will need to give them my name as the design is saved under it on their computers. Please email me if you want my name for this purpose. There are 2 European offices and last time i asked the they couldnt make custom dice so you can only use the American office/website to order the custom dice.

Place your orders for custom dice here: Chessex.com

Prices for the custom dice are as follows ($/custom face):
10-25 dice: $1.00
26-99 dice: $0.75
100-199 dice: $0.60
200-499 dice: $0.50
500-999 dice: $0.42

More Info On Their Custom Dice
Colours Available For Custom Dice

So its obviously better to try and order more rather than less dice because a small order can be very expensive. If you are ordering from a different country then take customs into consideration. Postage is very reasonable (for around 1500 dice it was around $40 to canada from the usa). Chessex wont split up orders and send them to different places so all the dice in the order need to be sent to one person. If you order dice with red pips it adds two weeks to production time. The best way to pay is with Paypal and if one person is paying the initial payment for everyone then make sure you pay him using the Gift option or else the person who fronted the payment will be very out of pocket if its a large order. If ive missed anything then let me know and ill add it to the (rough) guide.

(thumbnails. click to enlarge)

These are the colours that were used:
1 Velvet Black - Top Left
2 Scarab Scarlet - Far Top
3 Basic Black with Red Pips - Top Right
4 Orange Vortex - Bottom Left
5 Blue Blood - Bottom Right

Here are the threads for the original order (i havent linked to the Poll thread as all the pics have broken links):
CD Custom Dice
Ordering Thread
Final Ordering Thread

Here’s the info for the European offices anyway, in case you just want to order some standard dice:

Chessex UK
David Torode
Unit 16
Breezehurst Farm
Crouch House Road
Edenbridge, Kent
+44 (0)1732862702

Chessex Germany
Norma Jägersberg
Brockenscheidterstr, 60
D-45731 Waltrop
+49 (0)2309779527


I recently bought a bunch of these dice.

Pyro gave me his real name (the name under which the design is registered) and I contacted Chessex.

They were great the company is extremely helpful and were very willing to discuss my requirements, even for a small run.

One word of warning though you need to be patient, unless you’re ordering a huge amount they will fit a short order run in as and when they can, it took about 6 weeks for mine to get processed and arrive.

The contact email address is





wait, so $1.00 per side for 10 dice is about $60.00 right?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Indeed it is.

By about, you obviously mean “exactly, before shipping”.


Not exactly, it’s per custom face.

In this case there is only one side with a custom face so it’d be 1 dollar per dice for 10

I ordered 30 and was charged $0.75 per dice plus shipping.



Hashut’s Blessing:

Of course, Vogon is right. Sorry, I assumed you meant if you had each side of the ten dice done, it would be $60.

It’s $1/side you want to be non-standard and the number you buy can decrease that cost.


what’s the size of the dices actually? is it in 12 or 16mm?


I bought some dice a while a go, and they where very helpful. The production was about 4 weeks, but it’s worth the wait.

@Pertruabo: it’s 16mm


I’m going to release the sticky on this thread. :slight_smile: