[Archive] How to Paint: Greenskins


I know there’s a few threads about this around, but none specifically to what I wish to ask (hence why I’m not threadliching :P)

Basically, due to the new O&G releases, possible box resizes, etc. I’m ordering two further battalions for 20% off from a particular stockist to get my CD slaves/potential full O&G cheaper whilst I still can, and I remembered I am horrible at painting flesh tones (well, painting in general :P).

So, I’m after advice on:

Painting Orc flesh, Black Orc flesh, and goblin flesh (if it’s generally done any different)

As well as painting black robes (Night Goblins)

Spiders (Spider Riders)

Crude metal colours, such as rust effects/wear etc. (all weapons)

And what general colours Orcs would typically have available as clothing.

Cheers in advance.

P.S. The only consistant supply for plastic paints for me is GW, so they’re the only type I use.


Dang I was with out until the last point:- I use Decoart/Anista Paints as I prefer them and you get allot more paint for less money /ad over ;p

In those I use Hunter Green (basically Dark Angels Green) as a base, Then use a 100% Chaos Black Wash, moderate thickness, it;ll darken the whole skin tone. Then go over the muscles and ridges with Hunter Green, that’ll cover about 50% of the skin surface area. Then Add a touch of Forest Green (Goblin Green) to each subsequent highlight, and then Its down to your taste how light you go.

-some interesting ideas on there, I personally use a light brown as a base, coats of thin darker browns over it., then a light dry bush to end to make it look powdery. Also run lines add to the idea of aged and weapons that aren’t looked after.