[Archive] How to sculpt flames ala tjub


1. Start by making small cones… Bigger for flames etc.

2. Attach the cones, works as a base for the flames as well.

3. Drag out the cones using tool and a finger. With bigger flames simply repeat on the ends.

4. Pull them down and shape with a tool and make sure the direction of the flames fits with the model.

Simply add more and smaller cones working your way out…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome! Thanx for sharing the technique! I would like to see a painted model as a “Final Result”.

Kera foehunter:

Thanks so very much for this T-jubs very very cool

Groznit Goregut:

Very timely for me! I need to add some flames to some K’Daai and had no idea how. This looks easy enough that I could pull it off…


I didn’t even go so far as making cones. Just pressed a blob of GS on and then teased it out. I was more worried about it not sticking and if I thought I needed more height I just did another layer the next time I was working on them


That is a nice simple way to do it, the draw and pull method, I usually use the pull down and serrate style my self(working upside down with model kinda). Having said that, I am amazed no one has made the flaming hemorrhoid joke yet. Also, nice idea for fireborn, will you be adding any chains to show the construct side of them, as suggested by the fluff, or just going full bore fire demons?


Well worthy of a resurrection. Moved to tutorials. Good technique! I’d like to add that it might be advisable to carefully smear a thin layer of super glue to the flames, at least the vulnerable end points. Always found it made exposed, jutting stuff like this more endurable.