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Ever wonder how to take good photos? Ever wonder why your photos don’t look quite right? I had this link in the back of my mind and kept meaning to post a link to it here; just remembered now to post it. Look it over, there is some great information there, even if it is from weedy, pansy elves.

For my own self I’m going to start using the techniques here to get better photographs, and no, using your phone’s camera isn’t gong to give you the best results… :wink:

Here is the original link from over on druchii.net:
How to take pictures of your miniatures - Druchii.net

If you are too lazy… here are the links from the thread, however I encourage everyone to read it through its well done.

Useful links to articles from CMON:

Photographing minis with just one lamp:
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Digital camera photography:
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Model photography:
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How to take really take good pics:
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Brightness and gamma correction:
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Basic pictures resizing:
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Color balancing:
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I’m going to read it before taking a massive wave of photo this week :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anybody Know a good hosting site? I can’t find one.

Thommy H:





I (or my wife that is! :stuck_out_tongue: ) should really read that thread! :slight_smile:


Photobucket have a good long-term track record, but it is riddled with problems occassionally and can be clumsy to use in some important instances.

A smoother working alternative is imgur.com, though I’ve no idea how stable a photohosting site it is for preserving pictures for years to come.

Funny thing on the subject of miniature photography: Usually, the camera does not depict an object favourably whenever a photo deviates from the real optical impression. For me, however, cameras automatically capture flame and lightning effects in a better manner than they are actually painted. While the paintjobs have drawn some compliments in real life, I’m slightly impressed with how intense the glow effect shows up on camera, and no manner of photo tweaking on Photobucket or the like seem able to tone it down closer to the real thing.

In hindsight, I wonder if my bronze medal from Golden Hat (“He’s evil!” as a Swedish tournament dwarf player exclaimed about the standard bearer) was unwittingly won with the edge of mentioned camera quirks. The glow effect don’t look shabby IRL according to others, but it’s better on camera:

Does anyone else experience problems when photographing miniatures, issues needed to be overcome perhaps, or maybe similar flattering camera capturing as mentioned above?

Games Workshop has a good picture-taking tutorial here: