[Archive] Hrodwulf's drowed legion (Azgorh list)



I’ll show you here my chaos dwarf army. I will play it with the Azgorh list!

I’w sorry for my english but I’am french and there is no french’s chaos dwarf forum^^.

I did not want to paint them with volcanic’s colour, so I painted them as I they rised from a slough!

There are my two first Infernal guard

And here my first bull centaur. The 50x75’’ base is in wip but the mini in done!

EDIT: If they are some rules on this forum that i did not apply, just tell me, i maybe did not understand everything!

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Mon dieu, these look cool! Quite different from what you see with most of the evil dwarfs on the forums, but I like them. The greens and browns give them a very medival, viking-ish look :slight_smile:

I especially like the Ogre/bull centaur, he looks really primitive! When putting them on a bigger base, remember that you can use the posing of the body and the weapons to make them “fill up” the whole base; makes them look a bit bigger.

Look forward to following your work


They look great, keep them coming. Only thing is maybe the bull centaurs waist line is just a bit small (narrow). a little bit thicker may imply more power to the upper body