[Archive] Hrothgar Goldgreed himself

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

I have been thinking about how to create a figure that’d carry the name ‘Horthgar Goldgreed’. Obviously, there has to be gold involved, preferably as much as possible.

After looking around, I stumbled on these PERFECT figures:


The two guys in front. They’re perfect, as I will also be using Gnoblars for more Hobgoblins.

They’re a start, but how can I fit two such figures on a single base, and fitting in a unit? I finally came up with the solution yesterday; a count as Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers is the only option, but (again) perfect for it.

The guy himself should either be standing on a pile of gold (tricky one) or, much easier, a chest with some small piles of gold on or next to it. I think I can manage it to fit, as the thing is a front-rank figure anyway so the Hobgoblins/Gnoblars can be pushed as far to the front as I want to.

I’ve got no ideas for Hrothgar himself. Perhaps a book, perhaps more gold, perhaps golden armour, perhaps just a crazy stuntie.

An error in this way could be that the count as Shieldbearers are Hobgoblins. Hobgoblins don’t have WS5 S4 I3, as the shieldbearers have. I don’t think this is much of a problem after seeing the model completed, as I think it’ll be awesome, but it could lead to some ‘trouble’.

Another thing is getting the actual Hobgoblins. Buying the whole thing just for those Gnoblars is insane, spending 35 euros, 25 quid, on just those two. I don’t think bitresources sites sell them seperately either, and finding them on Ebay should get very tricky. The best option so far is buying the complete model, taking away the Gnoblars and then selling it again, or even better, agreeing with someone to share the costs and send over the piece immediately.

If anybody would like to do this with me, please, don’t doubt and send me a PM or reply, as this will be one he.ll of a quest, even harder than my Dwarf Diorama I’m working on :slight_smile: We’d buy the figure 2nd hand, reducing the cost with around 1/2, and I’d give a reasonable share in just those two smaller figures.

Any advice on the ‘Lord’ himself or comments are much appreciated!


Sounds like a cool idea to me, although as you say it will be difficult to get those two bits on their own.

As for WYSIWYG, I see the idea working in one of two ways. First, Hrothgar Goldgreed is just that hard and is on the size of base etc to demonstrate that fact. Second, could you work up some kind of contraption behind/above the gnoblars to make him seem a little bit more shield-borne? ie floaty disc thing, walker-throne, some indication as to why he is so hard that he doesn’t need anyone else to give him extra attacks - maybe a robotic many-armed harness of some kind (like space marine techpriests)…

Basically as long as the conversion isn’t just a crazy dwarf on foot it should be fine. Good luck with it!


May I suggest King Karas of Mid-Nor as inspiration or for actual use as your central model?:


I think he fits in pretty well with GW CDs (though you might want to clip his tentacle), and has plenty of metal bits to be painted gold. I bet you could fit those Gnoblars up under his shield, in addition to the current bearer or instead of him. If you based him similar to the example, he could look like he’s being carried across gold coins that have overflowed from his coffers.

The set he came in has been OOP for a while, but Rackham’s store claims that he’s available in bits form.

Just a suggestion…

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

The idea was to either put him on a pile of golden coins or a treasure chest, so high that he stands higher than the Hobgoblins (his feet around their upper body/shoulders). This gives him a high position which I could call ‘shieldbearers’, and the Hobgoblins on there indicate the ‘bearers’, although they bear some of his gold, no shield.

I think that figure is great, Gaixo. He’s nearly perfect for the role. I’d perhaps get rid of the tentacles, and if possible, remove his hat (although this could indicate a ‘Bighat’, again, fits really well … and If I’d swap the things on top of the hat for a skull … no work needed … that’s the plan ! :slight_smile: ) A sword might be a little strange for a Dwarf (Chaos or not), but as there is a gem on there as well I might be able to make that an eye so it looks rather daemonic … I’ll have a look around on Rackham’s store! Oh, by the way, I love his hand; 'I wanna rock! :slight_smile:


Glad you like him. He might be a bit hard if you don’t know where to look:

the Colony of Ephorath

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d say maybe have him in Ironbeaker (probably champion) armour, painted golden, with a bare head (maybe a crown or something) and that shield/base thing. If you really wish to use the dwarf on that model, why not remove the swordblade and rplace it with an ornate axehaft and head? That way, you keep the jewel as well :smiley:

If you could get 4 of those guys, that could work well, but it’s finding them. It sounds to me like you’ve got the idea all sorted though… Get pics up ASAP :wink:

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Google only came up with three parts of him, Gaixo, now I see it’s four … thanks.

HB, I think I’m gonna try get the Rackham fig first as I think he’s really good for the role. Four Hobgoblins/Gnoblars you mean? Nearly impossible! Two of 'em will already be a problem … :wink:

It seems the guy is available in the following set:


The set costs 45 euros, exluding shipping costs. If someone is interested in the rest of the figures (not necesarally all), please let me know so we can share. The small figures look like Hobgoblins, the figures next to the king could be wizards, to the right could be bull centaur-ish and the tower thing is just there for the fun :slight_smile:


you could use the four small figures as cariers for your lord

Kera foehunter:

SISTER OF MERSEY!!!Omg hoven armmor monkeys give me them!!!NOW

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Ghehe :slight_smile:

Does this mean you’re interested in sharing?


I’ve been looking for an extra bishop, and wouldn’t mind another Knight of Ruin (centaur guy), but shipping and Euro conversion might make it too costly. If you’d give me an idea of what you want for those two, I might be up for it.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Shipping costs to me are 10 euros, giving a total of 55.

Kera, if you want those hooved monkeys, could I keep just one (your choice) for a Hobgoblin hero?


If the monkeys are 5 euro (7,5 $,) a piece, then the other figures would be 7 (10,50$) So, Gaixo, I’d sell you those two for 14 euros(21$), exluding shipping costs. Shipping costs for just two metal figures should be around 1,50 to 3 euros ($2,2 - 4,5), depending if you’re located in Europe or not. Kera, I’d sell you the figures for 15 euros (22,50$), excluding shipping costs; three metal figures should be 1,5 to 3 euros ($2,2 - 4,5)as well. Paying via Paypal please, so I also get some extra charges from Paypal, nothing to you.

If anyone is interested in the other figures, please let me know. My other interest went to the ‘monkeys’ and the ‘bishop’, but I won’t mind selling them if I can have Mr. Goldgreed :wink:


Added prices in Dollars.


That sounds fine to me, if shipping cost to the US is still within that range you quoted. If you have your heart set on the bishop I wouldn’t want to take him from you, though. I already have one and only wanted another for a conversion that may never happen. But I’ll take him if you’re not too attached.

I hope that they actually have that set in stock, and that it isn’t just a mirage.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

It’s fine for you to have him, no problem.

Kera PMed me and it seems I’m not the only one short in cash :wink: Therefore, I’m going to put this on hold for a month and see again when it’s over. Unless that’s a problem for you, Gaixo, I’ll suit to your preference if so.


No, that’s fine. I’ve been a bit of a spendy month for me, so I can use the wait as well.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Kera mentioned trading, so perhaps it is going on after all. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Does that set not remind anyone else of quarter of a chess set? Half of one side’s “army”…

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Ok guys, how long can you still wait? Is there any limit to it? I preferably would like to keep this on wait for about two to three months as I’m short on cash and trying to earn my money first before spending it :slight_smile: If not, sure I can push this one up the list a bit if really needed.

HB, didn’t see your last reply last time? Anyway, yes it does. I could even easily imagine if that was the inspiration for the set.