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Kera foehunter:

Well torn a turtle can get up to 50 pounds.So the first thing you do is put in fresh water for a day( they are bottom feeder) fresh water will help get the meat cleaner.You can get as much meat out of a turtle as a goose. the meat can be tought so if you put it in a stew or a crock pot for a few hours. this is an size of a snapper

we have cotton tail rabbits you get as much meat as cornish hen.So this would be also stewed add potatoes carrots or raw sweet potatoes ginger and crushed black pepper. mmmmmmmmm




And as an added bonus the shell makes a great punch bowl.


I think I’ll pass on any dinner parties you may throw Kera…

one of my previous bosses once ate beaver tail… any Canadians, I know what you’re thinking. NO, not the delicious pastry beavertail that they serve at ski resorts. like, look at the back of our nickel and yah, that kinda beaver tail. blegh

keep in mind, turtles can have a nasty bite. watch your fingers.

Kera foehunter:

well never had beaver tail .I don’t like to eat any roddent. you know( Spam

Squirrels possums and mice…


ew eating rodents is disgusting.

the nicest thing i ever ate was shark steak. the proper red meat from it. absolutely gorgeous, id recommend it to anyone.


Turtles are too cool to eat! Stop eating the TMHTs cousins damn you! :frowning:


I never tasted turtles, but I will try it when I get a changes :stuck_out_tongue:


TMHT? dancehat, where do you live? In Canada it’s TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

I do not endorse eating shark. At Xander’s brother’s wedding I wouldn’t eat the shark fin soup, and Xander didn’t either (despite his protests; he loves soup). I just think it’s wrong, it’s creating huge eco-system issues in fishing towns on the East cost, etc. but anyways, that’s for another day.

I might have to do an inventory count for work (I work in forensic accounting, dealing with insurance loss) at a horse slaughter house. I want to cry. they may make me watch the actual process… oh god… I hope it’s a sick practical joke…


Agreed, I’m not sure I approve of shark fishing. Particularly if we’re dealing with shark fin soup - I suppose it’s not as bad if we’re eating the whole shark instead of throwing it back into the ocean to die slowly… Someone should just go and start farming sharks, if their steaks taste as good as torn says.

Re: turtles. I admit that I was somewhat alarmed by Kera’s picture. Basically I think turtles are far too adorable to eat. Like kittens. (haha Kera eating turtles is just like eating kittens you monster :wink: ) Then again, I do like being at the top of the food chain - it’s good to be able to eat anything we want!



never had sharks fin soup before, i cant imagine why they would just cut the fins off and not eat the rest. i dont endorse that kind of cruelty at all. i think the ones i have had have been farmed especially for eating, rather than just going out into the wild.


TMHT? dancehat, where do you live? In Canada it's TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

In the UK, it was (originally) Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, as the TV watchdogs viewed the word 'Ninja' as being too violent for the british youth. The latest incarnation of the turtles though has stuck with TMNT, as they realised that the british youth is normally more violent than the british adult in any case!!

any way, back on (off?) topic....
When I was in Kenya, I ate pretty much everything that was too slow (or stupid?) to get away from the natives - Zebra, Ostrich, Crocodile, Buffalo, gazelle etc. In Nairobe, They had this awesome BBQ restaurant called carnivores, where they would just bring you meat until you put up your white flag. The waiter told you what meat it was as he dropped it on your plate - It was like turning up to a zoo with a knife and fork!

Kera foehunter:

Well the coolest thing we ever had was alligator. some friends down south brought up .

Tasted like chicken nuggets!MMMMMM MMMMM.

I don’t have a problem if you kill it eat it .What tick me off is all these great hunter that kill for a Animale head to put on the wall. Living away from the city there no fast food and no jobs around so your learn what to eat. So do any of you guys and gal farm??


hahaha, I certainly do not farm. Xander and I live around the corner from each other, in a very populated suburb of a very large city. There is some farm land not too far away, although it’s only produce (mainly apples in fall, strawberries in summer)

I agree with Kera. I shoot archery, but have never hunted. and I disagree with hunting for sport, as if shooting an animal with a gun while perched silently in a tree is a challenge. But if you hunt, I appreciate using as much of the animal as possible, meat, skin/fur, and even a head as a trophy.

ah yes, thank you Hammerhand, I had heard that the UK had a different name, but I forgot what that pesky “H” stood for.

Apparently my diet is boring. I eat chicken, beef and pork regularly… and fish sometimes. shrugs suburbia.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d condone the eating of shark fin soup if the rest of the shark were to be utilised. As somebody said, they take the fin and that’s it. Anyway, I’vve never eaten anything as exotic as that, but I have eaten larger amounts. I’ll put it this way. A carvery platter and a half and I still wanted more dessert. Not an exaggeration in the slightest.

Anyway, kera, if you were to invite me for turtle chops and a nice helmet-gift afterwards, I’d be delighted even if the others wouldn’t, he he he.


don’t eat this guy! otherwise you decrease its species’ existence by 25%

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Very chaos dwarfy Kera.:cheers

Fishing shark is an awful waste.:mad

Kera foehunter:

OOOOOOOO pork!noway !! no rodents no pork!!! OR spam. i like fish

so sojourn you and xander go out to the country and cow tip??

i heard most people in the burbs do that heheee

Sojourn Well i hope not that’s a pancake turtle they are a messy turtle to clean.


no pork?!?!?!? pig the is the best animal for eating ever!

how do you make turtle pancakes? that sounds a bit difficult lol


I ate dog in South Korea and it was foul, as was the food we ate there in general. I am reliably informed by my Master that the food in the DPRK (thats the North btw) is much worse, and that’s bearing in mind they had all the works laid on as foreign guests.